Newsmax’s Greg Kelly says it’s time for a new ‘MAGA Party’ because GOP isn’t ‘cutting it’

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Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly floated the idea of conservative supporters of President Donald Trump abandoning the GOP and forming a new “MAGA Party” instead.

“The MAGA Party, a party about ideas, the Constitution, opportunity, liberty, term limits,  the Second Amendment and canceling, canceling the deep state, the federal bureaucracy, way too much of it,” Kelly said as he opened his Wednesday evening program.

“There’s some good people, but let’s face it, it is great big and bloated and all kinds of waste could be cut away,” he said. “I think it’s something that deserves serious, serious consideration in this country. MAGA Party, let’s give it a try.”

Kelly’s comments and ad hoc recommendation come as disdain with the Republican Party establishment, which has largely remained silent as President Donald Trump’s campaign continues to fight alleged election fraud, appears to be on the rise.

Lin Wood, a renowned attorney who has filed a lawsuit in his native Georgia to overturn the election results after alleging election officials acted counter to state law, said on Twitter he took action because Republicans nationally and in the state would not.

“When I realized that members of GA & National GOP were not willing to take action to expose election fraud, I made the decision to take action on my own as a GA voter,” he wrote on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Wood joined in the president’s legal efforts to expose alleged cases of vote tampering and fraud in a number of key battleground states.

“I was sitting around Tuesday night watching the election returns, I’ve loved politics all my life, since I first voted in 1972. And I saw what I assumed was going to happen. I saw President Trump building up what I believed was going to be almost an historic landslide victory,” Wood said in Atlanta.

“Then all of a sudden every network, including Fox News, started doing what they do best – they started lying to the American public. And they took a victory from Donald Trump and they called it a lie,” he continued.

“When I was asked by President Trump to help him in Georgia and perhaps other places around this country, I said ‘yeah’…” Wood noted further. “I said yes because there is a cloud over this country. And if we don’t get it right and we don’t figure out what happened that night, that cloud is going to get darker and darker until it turns into a storm cloud and we’re going to lose our freedom. So it is time to fight back…”

In addition to Kelly and Wood, other supporters of the president are blasting Republicans for their silence in what many believe is outright election theft.

One unidentified man blasted “elected Republicans” over what he believes is their inaction in response to voter irregularities on Election Day, many of which have been documented by the Trump campaign.

**Warning: Strong language**

“All of you Republicans, all of you elected Republican officials…f**king stop being some f**king p**sies,” the man yells in a TikTok video posted to Twitter.

“You see what’s going on in this country. You see what Trump stand’s for, you see it,” he continues. “You have an obligation to the f**king people. If you let this s**t slide, man, you are just sh**ty as these godd**ned crooks!”

“These liberals think they can do whatever the f**k they want. You why that is? It’s because we sit there, and we say…we wanna talk it out…These motherf**kers shoulda been in jail!”

“Stand up for your country!”

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