The fistbump that set off fireworks … and oodles of opinions

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Our politics have become so polarized and divisive that the mere sight of a lawmaker extending pleasantries toward a colleague from across the aisle offends some people.

Something as little as a fist bump, as seen between Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., will set tongues wagging.


But then, given the controversial figures involved, this wasn’t your pedestrian, every day fist bump.

A clip showed Graham walking past several colleagues on the Senate floor, to include Harris, who gets to play dual roles, as the supposed vice president-elect and senator. As he nears the group, Harris extends a fist and the Republican reciprocated, further patting her on the back as he passes by.

Graham, chairman of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, has been a vocal Trump ally, however, he has drawn significant criticism for essentially doing nothing to expose the previous administration for weaponizing the US intelligence apparatus to spy on President Trump — both before the 2016 election and after.

The Republican senator has a reputation for being all talk and not action.

As for Harris, the little-accomplished senator found herself as Biden’s running mate in large part because of the color of her skin and her ability to placate the radical left base of the party.

In truth, the interaction between the two senators was little more than a handshake in a COVID ruled world. Or was it?

The liberal media is always willing to stoke the opposition, billing Graham’s action as congratulating Harris on winning the election.

Former Trump aide Sebastian Gorka certainly felt there was more at play, tweeting: “Justify this [Sen. Graham].”

CNN correspondent Manu Raju reported in a tweet that Sens. Tim Scott of South Carolina, James Lankford of Oklahoma, Mike Rounds of South Dakota, and Ben Sasse of Nebraska approached Harris on the Senate floor Tuesday to congratulate her.

While Sasse has had his run-ins with Trump, This. Is. CNN., so can you really take this account seriously?

Graham told Raju that he was just saying hello to Harris, while letting it be known that there’s still plenty of time before any determination is made on who won the election.

“Just saying hello. I haven’t seen in her in a while,” he said. “If it works out and they make it, I told her I wish her well and try to work where we can. We will know here in a month or so or less.”

What say you? Was it a friendly greeting, or was there something more sinister at play from a Republican senator that many on the right don’t trust?

The fist bump seen ’round the world prompted some interesting responses from social media users, here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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