‘She needs to recant’: Mike Lee demands Sen. Feinstein apologize for claim Trump incited violence

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Sen. Mike Lee (R – Utah) says California Democrat Diane Feinstein needs to apologize for making an accusation or implying without evidence that President Donald Trump is inciting violence by insisting on Twitter that he, not Joe Biden, won the 2020 presidential election. “Not one act of violence has been attributed to President Trump,” Lee declared.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Big Tech CEOs Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, Sen. Feinstein was alluding to the news that cops arrested two armed men near the Philadelphia Convention Center where ballot counting was underway on November 5 and in a roundabout way calling for more censorship than the social media platforms are already doing.

Lee told the Fox & Friends crew that Feinstein needs to brush up on current events about menacing anti-Trump extremists especially given last weekend’s Million MAGA March:

“Look, you had Washington, D.C., full to overflowing with peaceful Trump protesters, people protesting or signaling their support for President Trump. And showing gratitude for him. Not one act of violence was attributed to them. Meanwhile, you had people shooting industrial-strength fireworks into places where they were eating. You had people approaching and beating up and saying vile things and putting people in physical danger, including elderly people, including women and children.

“All of this was done by Trump haters. By Antifa people, who couldn’t handle the fact that there were people peacefully showing their support for President Trump. So I don’t know what my colleague, Senator Feinstein, is talking about. But I thought that was an inappropriate comment.

“Not one act of violence has been linked to President Trump in connection with events surrounding this election. And I think she needs to recant her statement and apologize.”


(Source: Fox & Friends)

Lee had already corrected Feinstein during the Capitol Hill hearing, where he said “I’d like to note that as far as the president’s election and how they turned out inciting violence, I’d like to point out that the only violence I’m aware of has occurred in connection with Antifa, Antifa’s response to pro-Trump peaceful rally attenders.”

Although Lee has previously been accused of being soft on Silicon Valley bias, he did a good job at the hearing of holding the perpetually robotic and seemingly evasive Dorsey and Zuckerberg’s feet to the fire insofar as selective enforcement of their often vague terms of service against conservatives but seldom against liberals or leftists.

Twitter has been putting advisory labels on Trump’s tweets, but the president has a constitutional right to exercise his First Amendment rights to comment on the election and its aftermath, especially with the outcome still in dispute despite what the corporate media and social platforms are telling America and the world.

Parenthetically, if the president’s election legal challenges fall short, Trump 2024 is still a possibility:

Although it’s a little late in the game, Lee has introduced legislation to streamline the ability for the feds to file antitrust lawsuits against Big Tech.

In the meantime, national mask-mandate fan Feinstein has again been caught without wearing a face mask.

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