Kilmeade wants White House to start working with Biden as Kayleigh McEnany pledges ‘second Trump admin’

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“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade suggested Wednesday that President Donald Trump begin “coordinating” with his Democratic rival Joe Biden because it would be “in the country’s best interests.”

Initially, Kilmeade praised the president’s campaign legal team for challenging what they believe are substantial voter irregularities in a number of states.

But he went on to say that it did not look as though the efforts were going to be successful, especially in Pennsylvania, a key battleground.

“Here’s the thing, I think for the president of the United States, while he continues to fight on, and this is probably going to be the end of the week for Pennsylvania if they don’t produce something,” Kilmeade said.

“I think it’s going to, in the country’s best interest, if he starts coordinating on the virus, starts coordinating with security with the Biden team,” Kilmeade added. “And just brief them, because, on the virus, we’re going to be able to get this out as soon as two weeks. We need to coordinate on the transportation and implementation, and you’ll see how thorough the planning has been so we don’t drop the ball in a little while.”

A short while later, however, White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany made it clear she believes that continued COVID-19 responses will be handled by the current occupant in the Oval Office.

Initially, McEnany said brushed aside concerns that the president would not engage in a “peaceful transition” of power, noting he has always said he would do so.

“But, the president believes, so to do many others, that if every legal vote is counted, he will remain president,” McEnany noted further, adding, “This president always wants what’s in the best interest of our country.”

“With respect to COVID, this president has done a vaccine in record time… ready to be distributed, a task force that’s done an excellent job, a stockpile that was left empty by Obama-Biden he’s filled up since then,” she said.

Moving forward, McEnany said that President Trump has “left an infrastructure in place where COVID can be handled and we believe that we will do so going forward in a second Trump administration.”

It’s not clear at this point what legal avenues the president’s reelection campaign has remaining to them in order to overturn results in key battleground states that would give Trump enough electoral votes to reach the required 270.

That said, in an interview with conservative pundit, lawyer, and author Mark Levin, Georgia-based attorney Lin Wood claimed that President Trump actually won by a landslide after claiming to have seen mountains of alleged voter fraud in his state and beyond.

“This election was a fraud. Donald Trump won, I believe, clearly a 70 percent-plus landslide election in the nation. He probably won over 400 electoral votes,” Wood said.

“So we’re uncovering step by step the layers of the onion. And we’re going to get to the truth. And the truth is, Donald Trump has been re-elected by this country to serve as president for four more years. The truth will come out,” he added, though he gave no timeline.

Also Wednesday, the Trump campaign requested a recount in two Wisconsin counties — Milwaukee and Dane — alleging that the Wisconsin Elections Commission directed municipal clerks to “illegally alter incomplete absentee ballots contrary to Wisconsin law,” Fox News reported.

The campaign also charged that clerks were told they could “rely on their own ‘personal knowledge,’ or unspecified ‘lists or databases at his or her disposal’ to add missing information on returned absentee ballots.”

State law says that incomplete absentee ballots are not to be counted.

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