Washington Post editorial board says the Electoral College ‘no longer tenable for American democracy’

Andrew Kerr, DCNF The Washington Post editorial board came out Sunday in support of abolishing the electoral college. “The Electoral College, whatever virtues it may have had […]

Tucker Carlson addresses viral rumor he’s leaving Fox News: This show is only getting bigger

CHECK OUT WeThePeople.store for best SWAG! Tucker Carlson assured his viewers that the rumors are not true and he is not leaving Fox News Channel. The host of “Tucker […]

Potential Biden administration mulls sweeping changes regarding student debt

Andrew Trunsky, DCNF Though President-elect Joe Biden has not pledged to forgive all student debt, he has supported broad changes that could affect millions of Americans. Some […]

When pressed on claim Sen. Graham sought to throw out legal ballots, Georgia’s sec of state fails to deliver

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who has been under fire from fellow Republicans, leveled a damning accusation against Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., in a Washington Post interview, […]

Is it actually legal to move to Georgia to vote in its January runoff?

Andrew Trunsky, DCNF A New York Times columnist recently said he hoped people moved to Georgia to vote for Democrats in the upcoming Senate runoff elections. But […]