CNN’s Alisyn Camerota calls pro-Trump Dr. Scott Atlas either ‘dumb or dangerous’

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CNN’s talking heads still seem to believe the American people see them as legitimate journalists, despite the network’s all-in effort to help elect Joe Biden.

At the same time, anchors like Alisyn Camerota no longer bother to hide their bias, openly insulting Trump officials as the network falsely reports that President Trump has “abdicated” his responsibilities to battle the pandemic.

On Monday, while defending authoritarian Democrats like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Camerota set her sights on Trump coronavirus adviser Dr. Scott Atlas, who she said was either “dumb or dangerous.”

Atlas came under fire for speaking out against heavy-handed efforts to impose a lock down again in some areas because of a surge in COVID-19, suggesting in a tweet that “people need to rise up.”


This coming as Democratic officials in some areas dictate who can visit your home on Thanksgiving, how many visitors you can have and even how long they are allowed to stay.

Co-host John Berman pretty much stated that Atlas was inciting violence, and CNN medical analyst Jonathan Reiner chimed in to call him “a menace,” claiming he was “advocating insurrection.”

Reiner further stated that Atlas “needed to go,” saying he was “a libertarian who also just happens to be a doctor.”

Camerota replied, “I have spent some time this morning trying to figure out any other explanation beyond dumb or dangerous.”

“There’s no other explanation,” she declared. “Either dumb, and doesn’t know that words like that incite violence and that there was a domestic terror plot against the governor of Michigan because she tried to enforce some rules, or dangerous in that he’s on some sort of dangerous power trip and likes the idea that this would incite violence.”

“I can’t think of another explanation, and I don’t know where we go from here,” the CNN anchor added.

Unhinged hateful rhetoric like this has spilled unchecked from the screen for four long years at the network, poisoning the minds of viewers against President Trump.

Reiner replied that Dr. Atlas “is dangerous, but he is not dumb.”

“He knows exactly what he’s doing, but he’s essentially an arm of disinformation for this administration. That’s his role,” he added.

Just as the corrupt media weaponized the coronavirus in the lead up to the election, CNN appears to be capitalizing on the surge to pressure Trump into accepting defeat and begin yielding to an incoming Biden administration, as the network breathlessly reported this week on “life-saving transition talks.”

With more and more talk about a potential Biden White House likely to pursuing yet another lockdown, the liberal media has been setting the stage for this as well — the inconvenient question being that if lockdowns work, why is the virus still here?

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