Jesse Watters going with gut on Biden win: ‘There’s something that just doesn’t feel right … it doesn’t add up’

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Fox News host Jesse Watters told his “Watters’ World” audience Saturday night something “just doesn’t feel right” about Democratic nominee Joe Biden winning the presidency after he was outworked by President Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

“It doesn’t add up,” Watters said as he began his monologue. “To quote Hillary Clinton, ‘What happened?’ I’m supposed to believe Joe Biden is gonna be president? President of the United States? Joe Biden?

“There’s something that just doesn’t feel right about this,” he continued. “You feel it too.”

About a week before the election, in late October, Watters noted that President Trump “was closing hard” as he held several rallies per day in swing states that were must-wins for him.

“I said that if Trump rode this wave, he’d have the momentum to win,” Watters Oct. 24 on his show. “And after this last week, he still has it.”

But now, nearly two weeks after Election Day, Biden has leads in those same swing states and appears on pace to be declared the winner when state electors meet next month, which, Watters suggested, defies logic.

“Joe Biden didn’t earn” his victory, the host said. “He didn’t really even campaign. He thought he was gonna lose, you could see it. He ran a losing campaign. So, ten days after the election, how is he ahead?”

Watters went on to note that President Trump “was cruising to reelection” after beating back an impeachment attempt, being cleared of any ‘collusion’ with Russia by special counsel Robert Mueller, and implementing economic policies leading to rapid, dramatic economic growth.

Watters said the president’s approval ratings were also climbing, but everything changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The economy nose-dived as states and cities shut down businesses, while riots and looting erupted across the country.

“Biden slept through the whole summer,” Watters said. “But the Democrats had a plan: Hide Biden, raise money, and scare Americans into voting by mail.”

He noted that the president himself contracted the virus earlier this fall but went on to perform well against Biden in their second debate. He also noted the Hunter Biden scandal broke and was largely ignored by most media outlets, though Trump continued to campaign and do well with crowds.

“The economy shot back up and Biden was making a lot of mistakes,” Watters said. “He was spewing gibberish to tiny little rallies.”

Watters said on Election Night, the president “trounced” Biden in Florida and was ahead in nearly every key battleground, “then the states stopped counting. And for the next four days, Trump lost his lead in slow motion” thanks to “boatloads of mail ballots.”

The host said he would have been okay with things if the presidential race had been called on Election Night for Biden. However, he questioned how the president lost his lead “four days later in notoriously dirty Democrat precincts like Philly and Detroit?

“I’m sorry, but that’s hard to swallow,” Watters said, adding that GOP poll watchers in those cities were denied entrance into ballot counting centers, leading to heightened suspicions.

“I just have a gut feeling something went down. It’s like a feeling a parent gets when something happens to their child when they aren’t there,” he said. “Seventy-eight-year-old Joe Biden, the guy no base, no slogan, no crowds, no enthusiasm, no ground game, no charisma, no vision, no ideas…got more votes than Donald Trump?”

Watters noted further that Biden also got more votes than the president he served, Barack Obama, and his party’s first woman nominee, Hillary Clinton, which he also suggested seems implausible.

He also pointed out that President Trump scored five points better with black voters this year and seven points higher with Hispanics — “and he still loses?”

“But the rest of the Republican Party had a great night?” Watters went on to ask rhetorically.

“Something isn’t adding up here,” he said while offering a series of possibilities for a Biden win including that Americans may have been spooked by COVID or “tired of the Trump show.”

“But my instincts tell me something was fishy,” Watters said, adding Democrats “spied, they smeared, they sued, censored, and impeached” Trump, “so what makes you think they wouldn’t cheat him?”

Watters went on to blast widespread mail-in balloting, concluding that the country needs to know who is president on Election Night.

“This can never be allowed to happen again,” he said of the post-election delays, before predicting that regardless of what happens, “Trump will be back.”

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