Antifa-BLM mobs terrorize MAGA marchers at DC hotels and restaurants, toss lit fireworks at diners

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Tens of thousands of Americans converged on the nation’s capital on Saturday to express their support for President Donald Trump and their concerns over the 2020 election, which has been marred by allegations of voting irregularities and blatant media bias.

Much to the angst of the corrupt media establishment, the “Million MAGA March” participants were well behaved for the most part, which is more than can be said for the Antifa-Black Lives Matter mob that turned out to greet them.


The turnout was impressive, although there were early reports about a sparse crowd showing up for the event — photos were shared early on by some in the media, before the throngs had arrived.

Trump shared an image of the crowd while noting that the “Fake News Media” was largely ignoring the massive turnout.

But there was no denying the crowd size, as seen here — the right learned a valuable lesson in 2010 when a tea party crowd that may have topped one million marched on DC, only to have the media downplay the event, if they mentioned it at all.

On Saturday, the media was busy ignoring the violent Antifa-Black Lives Matter mob that attacked isolated Trump supporters. For the most part, they targeted women and the elderly, often attacking them from behind as others laughed.

All of this lawlessness occurring as Joe Biden appeals to the right to “come together” with these hooligans.

As the cover of darkness fell upon the city, the mob continued the attacks at the hotels were many of the Trump supporters were staying, as well as DC restaurants.

In what’s become a common tactic, the Antifa-BLM mob shot large fireworks at some Trump supports eating outside a local establishment.

Roving gangs of thugs searched out isolated Trump supporters well after the march had ended, attacking them as they ate dinner in the city.

The mob tried to rush the Capitol Hilton, resulting in police nearby rushing to protect the entrance as the mob clashed with them.

Prevented from entering the hotel, the Antifa-BLM mob resorted to what it does best, annoy society.

They also attacked vendor stands trying to capitalize on the thousands of Trump supporters in the city, even burning Trump swag.

Families received no quarters by Antifa-BLM, as they terrorized small children with their parents.

Not that the Trump supporters went quietly into the night, as seen in the footage here capturing them singing the national anthem outside a hotel.

The media largely ignored the violence, prompting Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., to tweet: “The near total media blackout of the violence is terrible…& telling.”

President Trump responded to that tweet to say, “The Silent Media is the Enemy of the People!!!”

His eldest son and namesake, Donald Trump Jr., responded to another tweet from his father calling Antifa “scum” to say: “The only people worse are the media who have essentially been encouraging this kind of behavior by calling anyone right of center a Nazi for the last four years.”


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