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Rush Limbaugh scolds Fox News for stabbing audience in the back: ‘You do not turn on your base’

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Conservative talk show legend Rush Limbaugh had somber words for Fox News Channel which he accused of turning on its once-loyal audience.

Earlier this week on “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” the host drew attention to the liberal media’s relentless attempts to take down conservative talk radio and Fox News which is “different from the rest of the drive-by media.”

But with the network’s coverage of election night and its subsequent bandwagon mentality in declaring Democratic nominee Joe Biden the 2020 winner, many viewers have abandoned the once conservative giant.

Limbaugh blasted Fox News for forgetting “the people who got you where you are” in their current quest to befriend their “enemies.”

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“There’s a key rule I’ve always believed in media, which is what I’m in. I’m in talk radio. And it actually goes back to the William Holden quote here in that movie, ‘The Wild Bunch,'” Limbaugh said.

“You do not turn on your base. You do not turn on your audience unless you’ve had some kind of — you just don’t — you don’t do it for the sake of the approval of your enemies,” he added. “You don’t turn on the people who got you where you are because you would rather be friends with other people. You just don’t do it. And that appears to be what’s happened here.”

Fox News’ projection of Arizona for Biden during the election night coverage sparked widespread criticism from viewers, President Donald Trump’s supporters and the president himself. The network acknowledged Biden as the president-elect and aired scenes of celebration sparked by the media’s premature call of the election, sharing fawning praises by liberal talking heads like former chair of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile who shed on-air tears.

The network’s follow-through, with many reports seeming to question the credibility of Trump’s claims of voter fraud and irregularities, caused an exodus of once-loyal conservative viewers which was reflected in a sudden drop in Fox News’ otherwise massive ratings.

“We’ve got Donna Brazile all over the place. We’ve got everybody on a talking head interview, half of them or more are New York Times or Washington Post Democrat media people. The Arizona call. Some even think the Chris Wallace debate is an anti-Trump move,” Limbaugh said to his radio audience.

“But, you know, throughout all of this, the media can’t turn talk radio, can they? The media has been desperate to blow up talk radio and Fox News. They’ve wanted to blow up Fox News ever since Fox News was founded and created. And they’ve wanted to blow talk radio up since before that,” he continued.

“They’ve wanted to destroy me and my character and that of anybody else who hosts a talk radio program. Why is it do you think — it looks like they may be having some success now in blowing up Fox,” he said.

“I mean, you’ve got the wife of one of the Murdoch brothers tweeting out: ‘We did it, we did it, we got rid of Trump, we did it.’ It was Lachlan Murdoch’s wife. So it looks like they may be succeeding in turning portions of Fox against its base,” Limbaugh said, but corrected himself after the break, saying, “I got my Murdoch brothers reversed…I said it was Lachlan’s wife, and I think it was James Murdoch’s wife. Story is that Lachlan Murdoch is conservative. That’s the story.”

The conservative host issued a reality check for the “people running Fox,” warning what will happen if the network’s core is altered.

“Let me tell you something, folks. If the people running Fox succeed in destroying the distinction that Fox has from the rest of the media, they’re gonna destroy Fox. If they are successful in taking away from Fox the things that distinguish it and make it appear different from the rest of the drive-by media, what do you think’s gonna happen?” he said.

“The reason they have not been able to do this with talk radio is we do not stab our audience in the back. We do not turn on our base. We remain principled and consistent. From me on down to everybody who does this on the conservative side, we are not apologetic. We do not seek the approval of people that don’t like us,” Limbaugh noted.

“It’s very strange how no one has figured out why it is that talk radio remains powerful, popular, unassailable,” he added. “It’s not difficult at all, if you know where to look.”

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