Outraged Lou Dobbs demands GOP help Trump fight for ‘what is rightfully his’

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Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs grew annoyed Friday while trying to prod House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes into explaining what Republicans intend to do to help the president contest the 2020 race.

Speaking on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” he not only declared the 2020 presidential election results “fraudulent” but also demanded Republicans fight it. Yet Nunes repeatedly failed to explain how the GOP intends to do exactly that.

What I can’t understand is why this president in so many instances is having to fight alone again against what is the culmination of a 4-year effort to overthrow his presidency, to block his candidacy. This is outrageous,” Dobbs initially said.

Nunes responded by trying to draw the host’s attention to the recent exodus of conservatives from Twitter and YouTube to the non-establishment platforms Parler and Rumble, respectively.

“We have to stay off these social media companies. You know, that’s why I’ve made the move to Parler, which is a replacement for Twitter. I’ve also gone to Rumble as a replacement for YouTube. This is the place that we have to go to communicate on the web to share our ideas.”

He was right. Because Twitter and YouTube have been censoring virtually any allegation pertaining to alleged voter fraud in the 2020 race, even if the allegation has merit, notable conservatives including Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Nunes have flocked to Parler and Rumble in recent days. (Follow BPR on Parler @BizPacReview and on Rumble)

These non-establishment platforms allow them to share facts, allegations and ideas without having to worry about being silenced.

Nunes also spoke about the abuse the president had suffered during the 4-year Russian collusion delusion hoax and conspiracy theory.

However, this wasn’t the answer Dobbs was trying to hear.

Listen to the full discussion below:

We all lived through this. We all know this. The president doesn’t want a statue erected to him. What he wants is a free and fair election — and honest results. And it’s being denied to him, and we all know that,” the host fired back.

It is outrageous. And what I’d like to know is what in the hell is the Republican Party doing to defend and to … I mean, why not just say, ‘We’re not going to accept the results of this election. It’s outrageous. Why would we put up with it?‘”

In response, Nunes made the critical mistake of trying to repeat his earlier point.

“This is why I think it’s so critical, in order to win these battles, we have to have a place that we can communicate, and that’s the challenge. And so you asked what are we doing now. That’s why millions of Americans are flooding over to Parler. They’re flooding over to Rumble” he said.

Again, he definitely had a point.

But that point wasn’t what Dobbs was trying to hear …

Incensed by the congressman’s inability to offer substantive answers to his question, he angrily exclaimed, “Good lord, congressman! With all due respect, and I respect the hell out of you, but pushing Parler and Rumble is not an answer to what I’m asking.”

He added, “You’ve got to have something to say. And if you’re on either one or those, I’d hope there’d be more interest in the content than in the messenger.”

Nunes replied by once again trying to relay the importance of being able to share information freely.

“If I go out other than on your show, nobody’s going to put me on to talk about this. … This election should not be called, but what’s happening out there because of the media …,” he said before being cut off.

But what are you doing? What is the party doing to make sure it isn’t called!” an annoyed Dobbs asked, continuing his earlier refrain.

I’m seeing so little animation in the Republican Party on this. It’s as if it’s just another day at the store. and in fact I believe the fate of the republic hangs in the balance here. Don’t you!?”

“I couldn’t agree with you more, but the challenge is … how do you get your message out if you’re being censored? Look, the mainstream companies aren’t even carrying …,” Nunes tried to continue in an attempt to explain himself.

This inspired Dobbs to cut him off again to “stipulate” that he gets the point about Parler and Rumble.

I will stipulate go to Rumble, go to Parler! I’m on Parler. It’s great. But that’s a simple question. Go do it. Now what!?” he said.

And that was the key point he was driving at. Helping the president will require more than just posting tweets or Parler posts.

“Because they cut off our ability to communicate, we have to make sure we’re communicating with all our supporters out there in order to tell people, explain people what’s actually going on. That’s the key. Knowledge is power,” Nunes replied, returning once again to his point about the free exchange of information.

But is it the type of power that can actually help the president? Dobbs didn’t appear to think so.

“Knowledge is power, and what the American people know because of this contested election is that it cannot, it cannot stand. It’s outrageous,” he said.

Indeed, but as he’d repeatedly tried asking Nunes, what on Earth do Republicans intend to do about it!?

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