Uncaring S.E. Cupp suddenly cares a lot when she makes unwise move to tangle with Richard Grenell

Richard Grenell, the former Acting Director of National Intelligence and former U.S. Ambassador to Germany, was quick to expose just how deranged rabid Never Trump Republicans are when he got into a little online tussle with CNN host S.E. Cupp.

Grenell, who the left refuses to acknowledge as the first openly gay cabinet member because he served under President Trump, took to Twitter to share with his followers that the president was in “a great mood.”


The tweet being relevant because Trump is mired in controversy after seeing several battleground state leads evaporate into thin air after the polls closed, as these states kept counting ballots.

“I just spoke to our great President @realDonaldTrump. He’s in a great mood and totally focused,” Grenell tweeted.

Simple enough, right? There was nothing controversial about the tweet, but Cupp, who makes a living hating on Trump, jumped in anyway — to call the CNN host’s unsolicited response petty would do a disservice to being petty.

“Nobody cares anymore,” Cupp tweeted.

This being her contribution to the corrupt media establishment’s desperate campaign to render the 2020 election over — even though it remains in flux due to recounts and pending legal actions.

(When Cupp no longer serves a useful roll in the Orange Man Bad brigade, you can expect her show at the network to fall to the wayside.)

Grenell countered with the obvious, while showcasing just how hate-filled the Trump opposition is.

“Then why did you take the time to tweet your opinion? You obviously are still moved by him. You clearly care. And why so negative? You’ve become what you say you hate,” he responded.

Scrambling to save face, Cupp replied to suggest that she cares about Trump not being interested in pandemic, as if she’s privy to his inner thinking. She also got in a childish slam about the president losing to Joe Biden — which has not been certified.

“Great question. So, I definitely still care that the current president isn’t interested at all in the COVID crisis he still oversees. But you’re right that I care a lot less about his “mood,” now that he’s lost the election to @joebiden,” Cupp tweeted.

Grenell shot back that Cupp can’t even manage her own Twitter feed, adding: “Mirror mirror.”

Spewing arrogance, Cupp fell back on insults: “Quoting me back to me…it’s really gratifying, especially because I stand by that quote. Weird, I don’t know anything you’ve ever said…”

But this didn’t go exactly as she might have thought, because Grenell blew her out of the water when he reminded Cupp that she followed him, not the other way around!

Not having enough sense to quit when she was so far behind, Cupp came back for more in showing that she had just unfollowed and Grenell delivered.

His response was hilarious: “You are so delicate.”

But he went for the kill when an annihilated Cupp played the sexist card after getting her behind handed to her, calling Grenell “brittle” in the process.

“Stop being a homophobe,” he shot back.

Of course, Grenell was tame compared to some of the responses from social media users.

Here’s a quick sampling of the joust from Twitter:

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