Pompeo telling world leaders to ‘just say hi’ to Biden until – and only if – he actually legally wins

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has reminded world leaders that the 2020 presidential election remains contested and that their conversations with Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden should therefore be limited to them “just saying hi.”

Speaking on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” this Tuesday, he added that despite the ongoing disputes over the results of the election, “there’s a lot” of other things “going on in the world,” which is why President Donald Trump’s foreign policy team still remains fully “focused on” executing America’s foreign policies.

There’s still an awful lot of work to do. We’re reminding everyone that all the votes haven’t been counted. We need to make sure the legal process is fully complied with,” he said.

“And then America will do what it does best — we’ll have a leader in the White House on noon on January 20th, and we’ll continue to execute American foreign policies.”

For the time being, he continued, President Donald Trump wants his foreign policy team to remain focused on foreign policy, not transitioning.

“It’s what President Trump wants to make sure that our entire team does all the way through everyday. That’s what we’re focused on. That’s what I have my team focused on. There’s still a lot going on in the world. We’re pretty focused here in America on our own election, but there’s a lot still going on in the world,” Pompeo explained.

When later asked by host Bret Baier about foreign leaders rushing to reach out to the Democrat nominee, Pompeo warned that their conversations shouldn’t extend beyond basic formalities.

You know, if they’re just saying hi, I suppose that’s not too terribly difficult. But make no mistake about it: We have one president, one secretary of state, one national security team at a time. It’s appropriate that it be that way,” he said.

Listen to the full discussion below:

Democrat nominee Biden meanwhile is reportedly mulling suing the General Services Administration for refusing to prematurely certify his projected (but yet unconfirmed) victory in the 2020 presidential election.

“President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team is considering legal action over a federal agency’s delay in recognizing the Democrat’s victory over President Donald Trump in last week’s election,” Reuters reported Tuesday.

“A Biden transition official told reporters on a call that it was time for the GSA’s administration to grant what is known as an ascertainment recognizing the president-elect, and said the transition team would consider legal action if it was not granted.”

The unnamed official reportedly said, “Legal action is certainly a possibility, but there are other options as well that we’re considering.”

It’s not clear what those “other options” might be and whether or not they include just waiting for ongoing battle over the election results to be adjudicated fair and square in America’s court system.

Biden’s team likewise has reportedly begun “having phone calls” with foreign leaders about future policy decisions, raising concerns about potential Logan Act violations.

After all, the Trump administration’s first national security advisor, Michael Flynn, had his career and life ruined for speaking with foreign officials during the administration’s transition into the White House exactly four years ago. So why shouldn’t the same standards apply to Biden and his team, critics have pondered.

During his appearance on Fox this Tuesday, Pompeo also addressed a remark he’d made hours earlier about “a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”

The remarks had triggered outrage from Democrats and their media allies because it’d flown in the face of their staunch belief that Biden won the 2020 election.

But the media’s critics defended Pompeo by arguing that he’d been joking:

Late Tuesday on Fox, the secretary of state didn’t outright say he’d been joking, but he did reassure Baier that he intends to “comply with” the final results of the 2020 election.

“We’ll have a smooth transition, and we’ll see what the people ultimately decided when all the votes have been cast. We have a process. The Constitution lays out how electors vote. It’s a very detailed process laid out we need to comply with all of that,” he said.

“And then I am very confident that we will have a good transition — that we will make sure that whoever is in office on noon on January 20th has all the tools readily available so we don’t skip a beat with the capacity to keep Americans safe.”

Until that time, however, it’s clear who’s “the boss” — and it’s not Biden.

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