NBC reporter doesn’t realize he’s on air, lets curse words fly in stunning MSNBC moment

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MSNBC viewers got an unexpected earful when a reporter got caught cursing live on the air in a breaking news segment.

NBC News national security correspondent Ken Dilanian was set to discuss a new report on the presidential election when, instead, he slipped in some profanity and left anchor Craig Melvin momentarily speechless.  Dilanian later apologized to the MSNBC viewers on the air and on social media.

Dilanian apparently was not aware he was on air as Melvin set up the segment, which focused on how the Trump administration “is handling the incoming transition with the Biden team, or not handling it,” as relating to an intelligence community issue.

“Ken, what have you learned, sir?” Melvin asked the reporter who had been on a split screen the whole time.

Dilanian glanced down at his phone momentarily and then said simply, “oh sh-t, f-ck.”

MSNBC quickly cut away from Dilanian, back to Melvin who waited a moment before telling viewers, “okay, I think we lost Ken for a second. We’ll try to get him back there.”

Naturally, people wanted to know what caused such a reaction from the reporter.

Dilanian soon addressed the moment as he rejoined Melvin on the air.

“We were having some technical difficulties a few moments ago,” the MSNBC anchor said as he repeated his earlier question about the Trump administration.

“Hey, Craig. First, I want to sincerely apologize to viewers who may have heard me use profanity at the top of the last hit,” Dilanian said.

“What we’re learning today is the potential impact of the resistance of the Trump administration to acknowledge the Biden win in the intelligence arena specifically,” he said, moving on with his report.

The reporter addressed the slip-up on Twitter where he explained what had actually happened.

“I was experiencing some technical difficulties and mistakenly hung up on the control room, though my mic still was on,” he wrote, chalking it up to the “perils of playing producer, cameraman and tech support all at the same time from home.”

Twitter users had plenty of reactions to the momentary lapse and Dilanian’s subsequent apology.

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