Ben Rhodes raises eyebrows, touts ‘foreign leaders already having phone calls with Joe Biden’

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Democrats did not even blink over the revelation that Joe Biden is already “having phone calls” with foreign leaders about policy.

The same party that destroyed the career of General Michael Flynn for a 2016 conversation with a Russian official paid no mind to comments Monday revealing that the Democratic presidential nominee is speaking with leaders overseas before the 2020 election is even certified.

Former Obama deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes exposed an apparent violation of the Logan Act in an MSNBC interview in which he touted Biden’s presidential-sounding moves. The former vice president is apparently speaking to foreign leaders about his “agenda” come January when he believes he will be in the Oval Office, despite an election that is far from final.

“Transitions are set up to be the most efficient way possible to hand over this massive apparatus of the U.S. government from one president to another,” Rhodes told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, elaborating on the steps involved such as making personnel changes.

“But also, you have to get ready for your policy agenda from day one,” Rhodes continued, declaring that Biden’s transition team would be going ahead anyway with mapping out the next steps regardless of President Donald Trump’s efforts to challenge the results of the election.

“The center of political gravity in this country and the world is shifting to Joe Biden. Foreign leaders are already having phone calls with Joe Biden, talking about the agenda they’re going to pursue January 20th,” Rhodes continued. “If that reality hasn’t sunk in yet for some people in the White House, it will sink in when they have to leave on January 20th.”

Rhodes went on to talk about the “rude awakening” for the Trump administration without clarifying any of the comments about Biden’s communication with the leaders of other nations. While many foreign officials jumped the gun and issued congratulations messages to Biden, the reality remains that Trump has not conceded, lawsuits alleging voter fraud and election irregularities are pending and votes may need to be recounted.

The revelation by Rhodes instantly raised eyebrows, with immediate criticism of the hypocrisy of Democrats who targeted Flynn for a legal conversation with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in December of 2016. Though he was the designated national security advisor during the transition period after Trump was actually elected, he was accused of violating the Logan Act, an 18th century federal law which makes it a crime for an unauthorized person to communicate with foreign governments that have a dispute with the United States.

“Weird. Didn’t they ruin @GenFlynn’s life over this?” the Trump campaign’s director of social media, Mike Hahn, tweeted.

Many dropped sarcastic jabs at Democrats for ignoring the behavior they screamed about for years.

“I was told this is a Logan Act violation which merits 3 years of baseless conspiracy theorizing,” political pundit and journalist Saagar Enjeti wrote on Twitter.

“I assume the IC is listening to those calls, and transcripts will be leaked after everyone in the Trump administration unmasks participants. After, of course, the FBI dispatches agents to interview everyone to see if they violated the Logan Act. Wouldn’t want to upset “norms,” author and radio host Derek Hunter tweeted.

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