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Steve Hilton: The triumph of Trumpism, a moral victory … spare us the lectures, Dems

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Fox News host Steve Hilton backed President Trump’s calls for election investigations and railed against hypocritical Democrats who should spare Americans their pompous lectures.

The host of “The Next Revolution” slammed Democrats for their “reckless and condescending intolerance” during a nearly 10-minute monologue on Sunday, calling them out for four years of plotting to “undermine and overturn” democracy in the quest to remove Trump from an office he was elected to.

Hilton told viewers at the end of his Fox News show on Sunday that he would wrap up with a “positive note,” before going on to demand a “fair investigation” into allegations by the Trump campaign that last week’s presidential election was rife with instances of corruption and voter fraud.

“For four years, they plotted and schemed to undermine and overturn the sacred right of American democracy,” Hilton said in one of several clips that was shared by Trump, without comment, on Twitter.

“For four years, they smeared the duly elected president and his supporters. ‘Not my President’ they screamed, ‘not my president’. Four years on, still they are at it, still they parade their reckless, condescending intolerance,” Hilton continued his scathing rebuke, airing multiple video clips of examples.

“Four years of non-stop hate, and now they want the Americans they dismiss and demean to just roll over and pay homage to the new regime,” he said, adding an emphatic, “No, no, no.”

Hilton suggested Trump supporters should follow the “norms” Democrats themselves claim that the president has undermined, playing a clip of failed 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton advising Joe Biden not to concede before the media basically declared him the 2020 victor.

“Now, I wouldn’t go that far. Refusing to concede under any circumstances would be an attempted coup,” Hilton said. “That may be a Democrat norm but it’s certainly not a Democratic one.”

“How could any reasonable person not agree: Every legal vote should be counted, no illegal vote should be counted. Any evidence of fraud or irregularity should be brought forward and the court should adjudicate,” he continued, adding that this is what “the president said. That’s what Mitt Romney said. It’s even what Biden said.”

The Fox News host, who once served as top adviser to Britain’s former prime minister David Cameron, went on to note that “every election has some level of fraud, irregularity, error,” but it usually “doesn’t affect the outcome.”

“But when it’s this close, this important with this many late changes to the rules, of course, we should investigate thoroughly. Not just for the sake of seeing our chosen candidate win, but for the sake of faith in our system,” he said.

“And by the way, everyone knows that if the positions were reversed, every single Democrat, every single Biden propagandist on CNN and NBC and everywhere else would be telling Biden to fight and fight and fight to the end,” Hilton pointed out.

“So, we could do without the lectures about undermining democracy from the people who did nothing but that for four years with their Russia conspiracy, who tried to derail a presidency with endless investigations, pseudo-scandals and a phony impeachment,” he added.

Hilton also noted that the president’s supporters could do “without false hopes being raised” as well.

“Trump supporters have been through a lot. Of course, we want a Trump second term. But do not give us false hope that it can still be achieved if, in fact, it cannot,” he said, going on to note that Trump has achieved a level of power that cannot be simply reversed if he is not in office.

Hilton placed Trump in the company of former U.K. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former President Ronald Reagan, saying the three achieved “real power” by changing the way people think. He noted how Trump “challenged and defeated a 50-year establishment consensus” on “issue after issue.”

The Fox News host elaborated on the president’s form of conservative populism, referred to as “Trumpism,” as he touted the “towering achievement” by America’s 45th president.

“President Trump has turned the Republican Party into a modern, multi-racial, working-class coalition. That is a historic shift, a once-in-a-century shift, Hilton said, noting how he has simultaneously turned Democrats into the “party of the coastal and urban elite.”

Biden had the money, the backers and the “alliance of bias,” Hilton pointed out, referring to the combination of liberal media and Big Tech working to suppress polls and voting ahead of the election.

“Trump had the entire establishment against him,” Hilton contended, noting how, despite the Democrats ranting about a coming “blue wave” and a repudiation of the president by Americans, this never materialized in Congress.

“If Biden is eventually certified, he’ll have no mandate,” he added, vowing that “we will resist, resist, resist” if there is a return to establishment rule from Democrats or even Republicans.

“In this election, Donald Trump confounded the pollsters and the snooty establishment once again, Hilton concluded. “When you consider the forces ranged against him, while it may yet be a political victory, there is absolutely no doubt at all that he won a moral victory – and one that will endure for generations.”

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