Comply or else? Outdoor diners dutifully show allegiance to BLM protesters marching by

If Democrats are successful in holding the lead for Joe Biden that materialized after the polls closed Tuesday, the ultimate analysis of the 2020 election may prove to be the satisfaction of acting on media-instilled hatred of President Donald Trump is greater than the consequences of electing a 77-year-old career politician who may or may not be in the early stages of senility.

The presumed election of Biden has certainly emboldened the far-left, who are now moving to establish their presence in a Biden administration, should pending legal challenges filed by the Trump campaign fail.


At the top of that list is the oft-violent Black Lives Matter movement, which took to the streets in a number of American cities over the weekend, to include Ann Arbor, Michigan.

The almost exclusively white Black Lives Matter protest there featured a scene that reeks of a comply or else mentality as activists marched past outdoor diners — after previous incidents where diners were accosted for not showing support, the people sitting outside the restaurant were all simpatico with the political movement.

Was this show of support voluntary, a reflection of the political views of the diners?

That’s entirely possible, after all, Ann Arbor is a liberal college town.

On the other hand, was this a conditioned action, where the people acted as they did out of fear of the consequences if they did not show support?

There have been numerous incidents across America were BLM activists have set upon diners sitting outside restaurants, claiming that “white silence is violence” against the minority community.

Given the make up of the march, it appears that Black Lives Matter protests are little more than an exercise by liberals to redeem their white guilt, but it is instructive how quick a nation steeped in revolution is willing to comply with the demands of others.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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