Bill Maher cites ‘red’ and ‘blue’ couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani in post-election harmony plea

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Left-wing comedian Bill Maher has called for post-election unity even as his peers continue ramping up their hateful rhetoric against the 70+ million Americans, including minorities, who voted for President Donald Trump.

To prove that unity is indeed achievable, Maher cited the recent engagement of conservative country music singer Blake Shelton and pop singer Gwen Stefani.

“Just the fact that they’re together is almost Shakespearean, ‘Rodeo and Juliet,’ but they make it work because they see each other as more than just who they voted for,” he said Friday evening on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

“And they say, ‘Yes, we’re different but that’s also more fun and we’re going to make that work for us.’ They see the world differently and they love each other. What a concept! I’d like to try it in America because that’s how I feel about my country!”


The news of their engagement came in late October, only weeks after a report emerged warning that the couple were “being torn apart by their opposing political views.”

Tying their reconciliation back to America’s divided political landscape, Maher begged his viewers to “stop seeing each other as deplorable.”

“I don’t want to live in a country without the red states. I like traveling there. When people talk to you in Oklahoma, they’re not scanning the room to see if there’s someone more important. … Also, they laugh like nobody’s watching. They don’t have a non-dairy, gluten-free, hypoallergenic stick up their ass,” he said.

“Even the pro-lifers will laugh at a good dead baby joke. Look, I’m pro-choice. But I also get it that fetus is irrefutably becoming a human life so can I see why some people think you are the one who’s actually deplorable? Yes, I can. So let’s all stop doing that. Let’s all stop seeing each other as deplorable.”

To boost his message, Maher then cited the words of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, who earlier in the week had tweeted, “To make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies. We are not enemies.”

Yet in response to the tweet, leftists had insisted that no, Republicans are indeed enemies.


Plus, it was only a month ago that Biden himself had compared America’s duly elected Republican president to deceased Nazi politician Joseph Goebbels …

Continuing his plea, Maher then rhetorically asked his audience whether they think Shelton “looks like a racist.”

“I don’t [think so] — and I don’t think Gwen Stefani would marry one. One out of ten Trump voters voted for Obama. I doubt that Blake Shelton was one of them, but that’s OK! We don’t all see the world the same way! Get over it!” he continued.

During the campaign, there was a lot of talk about who can unite us. No president can unite us! We have to unite ourselves!

That’s true. The problem is that power-hungry members of the radical far-left, including a stunning number of media figures, appear to have no interest in unity.

In tweets posted Friday, radical squad member Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez called for left-wingers to put together a blacklist of alleged “Trump sycophants.”

In response, former Obama administration staffer Michael Simon announced that such a blacklist is already being constructed via the so-called Trump Accountability Project, which seeks to blacklist anyone who “elected, served, funded, support, and represented” the president, as well as anyone who donated over $1,000 to his campaign.


In a response of his own, Ben Meiselas of the radical MeidasTouch PAC warned that anyone who hires a Trump administration official once the president leaves office “will be held accountable,” i.e., targeted with boycotts and other mob tactics.

Some feel these calls for a “blacklist” are ominously reminiscent of the Great Purge committed by deceased Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. from 1936 to 1938. The Great Purge led to the executions of up to 1.2 million dissidents.

Maher made no mention of the far-left’s threats during his broadcast Friday. He did however warn that unless America unites, it may turn into the Balkans, where a multicultural coalition of Serbs, Croats and Muslims used to live together up until unity shattered and war erupted from 1991 to 2001 and eventually concluded with a break-up.

“People were getting shot by snipers when they went out for milk. Don’t tell me it can’t happen here. … It not only can happen here, it kind of is happening here,” he said.

Similarly, he continued, “people were afraid in this election to put lawn signs for the candidate of their choice if it was in a neighborhood where that was a decidedly minority opinion. That’s like gang neighborhoods where you dare not get caught wearing the wrong color.”

The same applied to people wearing clothing that expressed support for their preferred candidate:

Maher concluded his plea by referencing Shelton and Stefani’s engagement again.

“Now more than ever, we need an example of cross-cultural love to send a message to our broken nation that love can lift us up where we belong, like a majestic eagle soaring above the fray and sh—ing all over the haters below! And that is why for the sake of our nation, Gwen, Blake, you have to make this work!” he exclaimed.

“No seriously, it would be psychologically devastating if you, our one symbol of America’s two halves coming together, s— the bed on this. So don’t! Get married, do it quickly, and make it stick forever! No pressure.”

It’s not clear though whether his calls will be heeded in a world where high-profile left-wing figures “refuse to forgive” minorities who voted for Trump, seek to blacklist Trump supporters from society and hope to launch Nazi-styled truth and reconciliation commissions …

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