‘No borders. No walls. No USA at all!’ Flags burned, several arrests as protesters march through Denver

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Denver police made several arrests after a protest by a group claiming to be anti-fascist became violent on a march to the State Capitol building.

The group chanted “No borders. No walls. No USA at all” and left about a half of mile of destruction on their path before eventually being ordered to disperse by police, who deployed some form of chemical agent at one point, CBS4 Denver reported.

Denver Police and Colorado State Patrol were apparently on hand initially to provide an escort for the group, which marched from Cheesman Park to the Colorado Capitol on Wednesday. But things took a more violent turn, forcing police to move in and leading to several arrests.

The anarchists left a trail of graffiti, broken windows a fire that was set in an overturned dumpster before police dispersed the crowd shortly before 9 p.m.

(Source: CBS4 Denver)

Videos from the night showed the protesters holding a banner at the head of the march which declared: “Death to fascism and the liberalism that enables it.”


The protesters set a Thin Blue Line and a Donald Trump flag ablaze during the night.


A fire was also set in one intersection.


Some of the rioters ended up in a confrontation with law enforcement.



Police allegedly used pepper balls to disperse the anarchists and eventually arrested eight people for criminal mischief, assault and weapons violations, according to KDVR. A handgun, knife, hammer and even bear spray were recovered by police.



The march in downtown Denver, as well as violent rioting in Portland, Oregon, come amid tensions in the nation awaiting the final results of Tuesday’s presidential election. After anarchists began destroying property in downtown Portland, the National Guard was reportedly called in.

While many Twitter users wondered what the group of purported anti-fascists marching in Colorado were directly protesting, there was plenty of criticism of their message.

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