Nevada man interrupts election official’s live update yelling warnings of ‘Biden crime family!’

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A star has been born …

A Trump supporter wearing a white tank top that read “BBQ, BEER, FREEDOM” (heck yeah!) became an overnight celebrity when he interrupted a live on-air election update from Clark County, Nevada officials Wednesday, to share his deep thoughts.

Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria had been taking questions from the media when the unidentified man suddenly popped up out of nowhere and then popped off.

The Biden crime family is stealing this election! The media is covering it up! The Biden crime family is stealing this election! The media is covering it up! The Biden crime family is stealing this election! The media is covering it up!” the man shouted!

We want our freedom for the world! Give us our freedom, Joe Biden! Joe Biden is covering up this election! He’s stealing it!

The man — a capeless crusader, if ever there were one — then abruptly turned around and silently marched away, his noble mission complete.

We salute you, sir!

Watch from multiple angles below:

As the man walked away, someone could be heard asking, “So where were we?”

A better question may have been, “Who is that man, and where can I go to get his autograph!?”

Jokes aside, his outburst added a much-needed moment of joviality to what has otherwise been a disturbing, stressful process of counting votes.

View some of the reactions below:

Of course, not everybody responded with a smile and giggle.

Some responded with the same degree of hatred and condescension that’s responsible for the Democrats having “just got crushed,” as The Week has put it.


Was all that — particularly the racial stuff — really necessary?

As for the man’s claims, legitimate concerns have emerged over the vote-counting processes in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

For instance, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani claimed Wednesday that GOP poll watchers in Pennsylvania haven’t been allowed to properly watch the counting of ballots, and so a lawsuit has been filed.

“We were supposed to be allowed by law to observe the counting of the ballots. Now, ‘observe’ means to any intelligent person being able to look at it,” he said.

“The way it’s interpreted by the Democrat crooked machine of Philadelphia is that the observers can be 20 or 30 feet away, never able to see the ballot itself, never able to see if it was properly postmarked, properly addressed, properly signed on the outside—all the things that often lead to disqualification of ballots or make it very easy to dump 50,000 totally fraudulent ballots because they’re not observed.”


A suit has also been launched in Michigan.

“They’re not letting our poll watchers watch the polls. They’re not letting them inside. There’s video after video of them passing out collateral material in polling sites all over Philadelphia. They’re trying to cheat. They’re trying to cheat,” the president’s son Eric claimed at Wednesday’s presser.

That is admittedly the same sentiment shared by the overnight celebrity in Nevada who, on a related note, despite already having a great t-shirt, could use a “Trump 2020” one as well!

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