Tucker and Candace hit media, pollsters hard: ‘I can name some … that should be fired immediately’

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Conservative podcaster, pundit, and author Candace Owens ripped the media and their polling entities on Wednesday, telling “Fox & Friends” both were “hyper-judgmental” of President Donald Trump’s supporters.

The “Blackout” author also criticized the fact that the media and pollsters once again failed to accurately call various election outcomes including the presidential race.

“There is no honest relationship between the American people and the media,” Owens said, further noting that the media “routinely lies” about the president’s supporters.

She also responded to Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s indictment of the media and polling industries on Election Night, in which he called for people to be “fired” for being so wrong two presidential cycles in a row, adding that “we should be honest about the times that we were wrong.”

Owens agreed.

“When every night you’re telling an American that if they support the president they’re a racist, if they support the president they’re a white supremacist, if they’re a black conservative like me, they’re a race traitor,” she said. “You’ve lost the trust of the American people because you’re … extremely judgmental.”

Because of that, she continued, Americans contacted by pollsters are far more reluctant to say they support Trump and Republicans.

“There is no honest relationship anymore between the American people and the media,” she added. “The media continually and repeatedly lies about the American people about why it is that so many Americans have gotten behind Trump, why he won this amazing upset victory in 2016.

“It wasn’t because of widespread racism,” she told co-host Brian Kilmeade. “It was because people felt like they were being forgotten and we see that routine snark and elitism that seeps through the media and seeps through the polls.”

As for the media and polling industries’ prediction, essentially, of a Democratic ‘blue wave,’ analysts said the fact that the races were as close — and as wrong — as they were proves both are inherently flawed.

“The media were wrong because it was a mixture of wishful thinking and propaganda designed to influence the result. The people they most influenced were themselves and their leftist allies,” Media Research Center Vice President Dan Gainor told Fox News in a separate report on Wednesday.

He added that the establishment media spent the past four years “pretending they were neutral” while “spouting lies” about President Trump, going so far as to call him a Russian agent.

“The press promoted polls they told us were absolutely showing Trump and the GOP were going to get destroyed,” Gainor noted further. “Yet, here we are with a close election once more. Polling and especially ‘news’ based on it is like looking in a crystal ball, in a dark room, at night while wearing a blindfold.”

In one example, as recently as Oct. 25, the ABC News-Washington Post survey had Democratic rival Joe Biden ahead by 17 points in Wisconsin, though the state remained too close to call hours after polls closed.

During election night coverage on Tuesday, Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked Carlson, “Is the polling industry dead?”

“I really hope so,” Carlson responded. “I can name some of the people that should be fired immediately. And I think I will. I just need to calm down enough to get their names on paper.”

Last week, GOP pollster Frank Luntz predicted that if all of the polls were wrong again in 2020, the industry would be “done.”

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