Floridians dance in the streets in Little Havana to celebrate Trump’s huge win

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The country’s 2020 election results may still be undetermined, but pro-Trump Floridians are celebrating a job well done!

America finds itself right where many expected, given the unprecedented number of mail-in ballots sent out in many Democrat-run states, with President Trump leading in the battleground states needed to win reelection and those states delaying to keep counting ballots.

Skeptics fully expect the party to find the needed votes to overtake Trump, while the liberal media sits on its hands and Big Tech censors any protests — at the same time, the president enjoyed an incredible win Tuesday night in the state of Florida.


While many pollsters had Democratic nominee Joe Biden favored in the Sunshine state, the end result wasn’t even close and may represent a microcosm of where the Republican Party is today, as well as the nation, when given a level playing field.

The New York Times shared a video online of ecstatic Cuban-Americans in Miami-Dade County celebrating Trump’s “strong showing in Florida.”

Trump won 51.2% of the vote, or 5,657,933 ballots cast in his favor, in comparison to Biden’s 5,282,894 votes, which represents 47.8% of the vote.

There have been signs for weeks that the president was doing well with Hispanic voters, especially Cuban-Americans, his anti-socialism message resonating with these voters, as well as voters from Venezuela and Nicaragua who also populate the Miami area.

As seen in the image below, which follows a national trend, Trump carried rural areas while Biden prevailed in urban areas and college towns — this explains why Democrats advocate for condensed urban living under the guise of protecting the climate.

Screengrab Fox News

In sharing a clip of her assessment of Florida’s results online Tuesday night, Fox News host Laura Ingraham added: “Florida represents the future of the Republican party.”

“When you look at Florida, focusing on the GOP for the moment, the coalition that Republicans have been able to put together in that state is really something that they should replicate as much as possible going forward. Up and down the east coast,” she said, in reference to the overall party.

Ingraham details that coalition as seniors, Latinos, young professionals and African Americans, suggesting the GOP overperformed in all of these categories in Florida, in comparison to 2016.

Trump did so well in Florida that the liberal media is declaring the state’s no longer a swing state — the GOP won the last four elections, presidential and gubernatorial.

Sen. Marco Rubio took to Twitter to boast about the Republican turnout percentage, which he indicated was well above the 2016 advantage.

For the record, Democrats have an edge of about 134,000 voters in the state over the GOP.

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