‘Leave no man behind’: Veteran’s touching reminder that Trump’s the ONLY president who brought Americans home from N. Korea

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A man who identified as a veteran in a viral video praised President Donald Trump for negotiating with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for the return of American military personnel killed during the Korean War.

The unidentified man, who was addressing what appeared to be a pro-Trump rally in rainy New York on Saturday, said that in negotiating for the American remains, the president was living up to the military code of never leaving fallen comrades behind.

“President Trump is the only — not the first, the only — president who went to North Korea and came back with 72 remains of American soldiers,” the man said, eliciting cheers from the crowd.

“No one brought ‘em back! No one brought them back! We leave no man behind,” the man continued.


Earlier, the man said he was “a United States infantryman, and this is called ‘infantry sunshine,’” a reference to the inclement weather.

“Remember what President Trump did for our veterans. Remember, President Trump went to North Korea. And the infantry code, the military code, is ‘we leave no man behind,’” the man said.

“Trump brought them back,” he added. “He gets points for that. We don’t have to go down his whole itinerary.”

The man noted further that Trump is making peace deals around the world and is working “to bring our troops back from endless wars.”

“Who wants to keep our troops over their protecting poppy fields?” asked the man, a likely reference to Afghanistan, the world’s leading producer of opium, the primary compound in the dangerous drug heroin.

The man then laced into Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“Who is the guy who took money from a foreign power? I’ll tell you who. Benedict Arnold and Joe Biden,” the man said, referencing the American Revolutionary War general who defected to the British.

“Benedict Arnold took money from the Brits to betray us, and Joe Biden, while he was vice president of these United States of God bless America,” the man added.

In August 2018, Vice President Mike Pence flew to Hawaii to welcome home the remains of Americans killed in the war. A cargo plane carried 55 boxes of remains and one dog tag.

Pence hailed the return of the remains and credited President Trump’s previous negotiations with Kim in Singapore as being the catalyst.

“Today, our boys are coming home,” Pence said at Joint Base Pearl Harbor in Honolulu.

“Whosoever emerges from these aircraft, today begins a new season of hope for the families of our missing fallen,” he added.

Early in his presidency, Trump began denuclearization talks with North Korea, becoming the first president to conduct face-to-face negotiations with a North Korean leader since the war.

“I know that President Trump is grateful that Chairman Kim has kept his word, and we see today this tangible progress in our efforts to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula,” Pence said.

The remains are still being analyzed by forensics experts to determine their identity.

Stars & Stripes reported in October 2019 that 41 American troops had been identified from the 55 boxes of remains.

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