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Kamala makes Communist principled ad: ‘Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place’

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Sen. Kamala Harris, who many Americans believe will assume the presidency over an enfeebled Joe Biden early in their first term if they win on Tuesday, openly embraced a core principle of Communism roughly 48 hours before the election.

Harris, currently a U.S. senator from California, tweeted out an animation she narrated titled “Equality vs. Equity,” in which she laid out the principle featuring a white man and a black man, with the former gaining an advantage over the latter in a way suggestive of Democrats’ ‘white privilege’ talking point.

“So, there’s a big difference between equality and equity,” she begins. “Equality suggests, ‘Oh, everyone should get the same amount.’

“The problem with that is not everybody’s starting out in the same place,” she continued as the animation showed both men being offered a rope to climb a mountain.

“So if we’re all getting the same amount but you started out back there and I started out over here, we could get the same amount but you’re still gonna be that far behind me,” the California Democrat added.

“It’s about giving people the resources and the support they need so that everyone can be on equal footing and then compete on equal footing,” she said.

“Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place.”

Harris was dragged on social media for the comparison, which many users, including those who said they voted for the Biden-Harris ticket, saw as her open support for a core Communist principle as described by the founder of the ideology, Karl Marx.

According to Marx, equality — that is, equality of outcomes, as Harris was suggesting — can only be achieved by eliminating capitalism and giving the central government ownership of all land and means of production.

“In the communist society that Marx described, the government has supreme authority through its total control of land and means of production. Because the government distributes land and property among the people, communism sets a standard of equality — both economically and socially — among its followers,” notes Alia Hoyt at HowStuffWorks.com.

Under Communism, the government controls the banking system, all education and labor, transportation and communication hubs as well as all agriculture and factory production.

In addition, private property — a fundamental principle guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution — is abolished and bequeathed to government for use and distribution as functionaries see fit. All property is confiscated, heavy taxes are imposed on everyone, and rights of inheritance are eliminated in a government-planned society.

But it was Marx’s vision of how to implement his Communist ideals — and Harris’ embrace of a core Marxist principle — that should concern Americans.

“Phase 1: A revolution must take place in order to overthrow the existing government,” Hoyt writes. “Marx emphasized the nee­d for total destruction of the existing system in order to move on to Phase 2.

“Phase 2: A dictator or elite leader (or leaders) must gain absolute control over the proletariat,” Hoyt notes further. “During this phase, the new government exerts absolute control over the common citizen’s personal choices — including his or her education, religion, employment and even marriage. Collectivization of property and wealth must also take place.

“Phase 3: Achievement of utopia. This phase has never been attained because it requires that all non-communists be destroyed in order for the Communist Party to achieve supreme equality,” adds Hoyt.

“In a Marxist utopia, everyone would happily share property and wealth, free from the restrictions that class-based systems require. The government would control all means of production so that the one-class system would remain constant, with no possibility of any middle class citizens rising back to the top,” Hoyt continued.

“The working class — or ‘proletariat’ — must rise up against the capitalist owners, or ‘bourgeoisie,’ according to the ideals of communism, and institute a new society with no private property, no economic classes and no profits,” LiveScience adds.

Private-source intelligence reporting notes there are anarchist factions on the left, including Antifa and elements of Black Lives Matter, who are already pursuing counter-revolutionary tactics in urban centers.

It should be noted that neither Harris nor Biden readily condemned those factions as riots and attacks against police and federal agents and officers occurred in many cities throughout the summer.

It was only after a member of the conservative group Patriot Prayer was gunned down in Portland in late August by a self-proclaimed Antifa member did both candidates speak out generally against violence.

Jon Dougherty


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