Facepalm! Alyssa Milano asks people to show her what democracy looks like – then limits who can reply

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Trans, disabled, lesbian, black, immigrant, super-sciency crazy woman Alyssa Milano appears to have no clue whatsoever what democracy looks and sounds like.

She unintentionally revealed this unsurprising ignorance of hers to the world via a stunningly un-self-aware tweet she posted late Saturday evening.

“SHOW ME WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!” the pithy tweet reads.

Nothing wrong with that, right?

Look at the tweet below:

There’s just one problem …

Fundamental to any democracy is the right of people to express themselves freely, be it by spouting offensive words or pushing back on authority.

Yet if you click over to Twitter and try to reply to Milano’s tweet, here’s what’ll happen:


That’s not how it works, crazy lady

Well, actually …

It IS how it works … in a fascist country, that is.

See more responses — albeit indirect ones — to Milano’s lack of logic below.


To answer the latter Twitter user’s question, there is Cher

While amusing, Milano’s face plant does offer a great example of the left’s oblivious fascism, i.e., its liberal fascism, which can routinely be seen throughout the country and often begins courtesy social media mobs on Twitter and Facebook.

“In present-day America … suppression comes not from brutal dictators, but from the people who use social media and other platforms to crowdsource their performative activism to suppress other points of view, pressure businesses into compliance and to publicly humiliate their neighbors for expressing a different point of view,” former GOP operative Ian Prior wrote in a column this past summer.

He then pointed to several then-recent examples.

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“New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss resigned from the social media account formerly known as the ‘Gray Lady’ for a culture of bullying and oppression of opinions that don’t meet the editorial standards of the woke mob. She cited complaints of a ‘new McCarthyism’ at the Times; a description that is apropos of our current battle against the thought fascists,” he wrote.

“But the examples of thought fascism are not limited to the past week. Last month, advertisers began to boycott the Tucker Carlson show because he dared to challenge the narrative that all cops are racist and that all protests were ‘mostly peaceful.’ The New York Times had to bow to a triggered woke mob when it failed to consider everyone’s feelings by publishing an op-ed by Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.”

All of the examples above were predicated on left-wing rage that bubbled up on social media, namely Twitter, which is known for censoring conservatives.

The same thing happened this week. After the Girl Scouts of America’s Twitter account praised Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, a mob formed and quickly pressured the group into backing down and apologizing.

While this isn’t exactly how fascism works — for in a genuinely fascist system, it’s the state that’s delivering the oppression — the behavior of leftists is certainly far more akin to fascism than it is to democracy. Real democracy, that is.

Of course, Milano would need to be in possession of a brain to realize this …

Speaking of the unhinged Hollywood actress, she also drew attention Saturday for misspelling the initials & name of deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


Both of the tweets seen above have since been deleted, though thankfully for Milano’s conservative critics, the memory of her latest humiliations shall remain forever.

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