Days after beheadings, the Associated Press explains what France did to ‘incite anger in the Muslim world’

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The Associated Press, known for its stunningly left-wing stance on the issues, incited accusations of insensitivity and victim-blaming Saturday after it published a story that sought to “explain” why radical Muslims were so aggrieved with France.

The post was published only days after yet another Islamist terror attack in France by a Muslim refugee left three people dead. The attack came only two weeks after a history teacher was beheaded by another Islamist radical and refugee.

“Many countries, especially in the democratic West, champion freedom of expression and allow publications that lampoon Islam’s prophet. So why is France singled out for protests and calls for boycotts across the Muslim world, and so often the target of deadly violence from the extremist margins?” the piece reads.

Its brutal colonial past, staunch secular policies and tough-talking president who is seen as insensitive toward the Muslim faith all play a role.”

The entire piece boasts this connotation and gives the appearance of the AP blaming France for Islamic terrorism just as a rape apologist might blame a woman for being raped by exclaiming, “She shouldn’t have worn that dress!”

Naturally, the piece’s publication provoked anger — so did the Associated Press choosing to share it to Twitter (though it was eventually deleted).

“AP Explains: Why does France incite anger in the Muslim world? Its brutal colonial past, staunch secular policies and tough-talking president who is seen as insensitive toward the Muslim faith all play a role,” the outlet wrote on Twitter.

“Incite,” they said …

Look at the backlash below:

Like ostracized journalist Bari Weiss noted, this “is not a one-off.” Not by a long shot. The media, in general, have developed a sordid history of uplifting bad guys — including mass-murdering terrorists — while subtly denigrating victims.

Regarding the AP in particular, the left-wing outlet has been especially defensive of the left-wing extremists who’ve been rioting across the nation.

The anger over its latest mishap was palpable enough that the AP eventually relented by deleting the tweet. However, it then simply reposted the tweet sans the word “incite.”

The retweet included a quasi-apology: “This replaces a tweet about France and the Muslim world that asked why France ‘incites’ anger. The word was not intended to convey that France instigates anger against it.”


But the attempt at backtracking did not fare well, especially considering that the tenor of the original article remained the exact same.

“I read the article. It was absolutely disgusting and sought to justify the murders that occurred in France. Disgusting piece of work,” one critic noted.


Look at the second round of backlash below:

While the latter Twitter user’s recommendation seems sound, it’s unlikely to be followed in this day and age when the whole media seem obsessed with tearing down Western civilization and society in its pursuit of political correctness and so-called “diversity.”

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