Chuck Todd in hot water with leftists for asking if Biden is perhaps taking COVID ‘too seriously’

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Recent history has shown that MSNBC liberal Chuck Todd is and can never be leftwing enough to satisfy the blue-check brigade. Today, he’s getting stepped on after alluding to Joe Biden’s light campaign footprint.

The latest example finds the host of MTP Daily in hot water for suggesting, even mildly, that Sleepy Joe is spending too much time in his Delaware basement, unlike President Donald Trump who is barnstorming tirelessly across the country with one campaign rally after another.

In an on-air discussion with panelists Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos and former Romney advisor Michael Steele, Chuck Todd framed it in the context of the Democrat candidate taking the coronavirus too seriously rather than Biden trying to run out the clock.

“So it’s interesting, when you look at both candidates in some ways, one, not taking virus seriously enough at all. And one, if there’s a criticism might be, is he taking it too seriously at least when it comes to campaigning?

“Marcos, let me start with you. Is there any part of you that’s nervous about the light Biden footprint when it comes to campaigning, when it comes to the door knocking, when it comes to this stuff? It is probably the only hole in the campaign infrastructure, which is obvious why it’s there. It’s due to the pandemic,” Todd asserted.

Moulitsas responded that he was worried about Biden spending time in Georgia and Texas (it’s unclear if he meant Biden should or shouldn’t show up there.) “But if there’s one thing I’m still traumatized over 2016 was Hillary Clinton looking at states like Arizona without locking down Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. So that’s the one piece that has me a little worried. But like you said, he has plans to go back to those states in these last few days. So I’m a little less worried about it. And also let’s not forget, so many people have already voted. This is not a typical election as we’ve known in the past.”

Todd then trotted out the tired talking point/narrative that Trump rallies in the Midwest constitute super-spreader events.


Todd, the network’s political director and host of the flagship Meet the Press on Sunday mornings, a legacy show that is increasingly ratings challenged, got into trouble with the Twitterati after being accused of scheduling an NBC-televised town hall with President Trump that directly competed with the airing at the same time on ABC, prompting the #FireChuckTodd hashtag to trend.

In July 2020, Todd was on the receiving end of extensive criticism for merely saying that the president had “turned a corner” insofar as wearing a face mask is concerned. Although he can never satisfy the left, the president has encouraged mask wearing, including at his rallies. However, he does not favor a national mask mandate, preferring to leave that decision-making up to individual state governors, which more or less is the essence of federalism.

For his latest transgression, the blue-check brigade and other like-minder users on social media unleashed its rhetorical fury on Chuck Todd. Here is a sample:

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