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‘Anonymous tree climber’ in Texas places Trump flags out of reach of thieves, gets love from POTUS

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President Donald Trump gave a shoutout of thanks to an “anonymous tree climber” in Texas who has deliberately been placing Trump 2020 flags out of the reach of vandals and thieves.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday about the mysterious person who is being called the “Flag Fairy” of Angelina County, sharing a photo of a campaign flag flying high atop a tree in Lufkin. The daring feat, and others like it, have reportedly come as a challenge and response to Trump campaign materials being repeatedly stolen or vandalized by the left.

Flags have reportedly been popping up all over the town and many of the residents are happy about both the support for the president and the fact that he noticed.

The president tweeted that in the East Texas town, “someone was stealing Trump signs, so an anonymous tree climber put up 30 of them throughout the community.”

(Source: KETK)

“Love it, thank you! #MAGA,” Trump wrote on Twitter, sharing the photo which was apparently taken by U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, the Republican Congressman representing Texas.

Gohmert had tweeted that he had taken the picture in Lufkin and sent it to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

“Pure East Texas can do ingenuity! Now the world has seen it. Gotta love it,” the lawmaker wrote.

Gohmert also shared a YouTube video in another tweet declaring: “My Town has a Flag Ninja.”

The so-called Angelina County “Flag Fairy” was even promoted on a Facebook page.

“The Flag Ninja of Angelina County strikes again!!” Facebook user Dena Dent Strban wrote in a post that contained dozens of photos of someone in a Trump mask climbing a tree to place an American flag on top.

“It’s not every day that I get a call that says ‘Trump and his posse complete with secret service and limo will be at this secret location to hoist an American Flag and spread some patriotic pride… you in?’ I. AM. IN!!!!! What a fun way to start my week!” the post read.



The Flag Ninja of Angelina County strikes again!! It’s not everyday that I get a call that says “Trump and his posse…

Posted by Dena Dent Strban on Monday, October 12, 2020

“My hometown is a special place full of people with big hearts and huge pride for our nation,” the caption by Strban to the YouTube video read. “We have a ‘Flag Fairy’ or ‘Flag Ninja’ as I like to call him. My friend, the Ninja, has been secretly raising American flags in tree tops all over the county, and not very many know his true identity. There are currently 38 flags flying high.”

Apparently, the Flag Ninja dressed with a Trump mask to surprise “Trump’s number one fan,” a man named Sammy who is facing medical challenges.

Not everyone is happy with the Trump flags going up, as Texas House candidate Jason Rogers tweeted.

“I’m the Democrat running for Texas House District 57,” he wrote in response to Trump’s tweet.

“I live in Lufkin, Texas, and I have to see these stupid flags in the trees everyday,” he complained. “Help us fight back and get our message out there… in a way other than in the pine trees.”

Other critics claiming the tree-climber is trespassing by hoisting the flags atop trees in Multiple locations were quickly reality-checked.

Social media posts show that Lufkin has been seeing pro-Trump flags popping up way out of reach of would-be vandals.


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