Wifi password the press was forced to use at Trump rally was absolute genius move!

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When up against corrupt forces posing as journalists, folks on the right have to get creative in pushing the other side of news stories.

Such was the case regarding the issue of parents being separated from their migrant children when arrested for illegally entering the United States, which came up during last week’s second and final presidential debate.


The left-leaning American Civil Liberties Union happened to note two days before the debate that the parents of 545 children cannot be located, and that about two-thirds of those parents were deported without their children. Lo and behold, with all that we face as a nation, NBC News’ Kristen Welker, who served as debate moderator, opted to include the issue in the questions posed to President Donald Trump and this resulted in a spirited exchange about who built the “cages” children are sometimes held in.

The answer, of course, is the Obama-Biden administration, which their media allies glance right over. So, when Trump was campaigning in Wisconsin Saturday, a clever soul apparently assigned the media password for WiFi as: “WhoBuiltTheCagesJoe?”

The photo was tweeted by a user who goes by “Brick Suit” on Twitter and reported on by Daily Caller and Reddit. BizPac Review hasn’t independently confirmed the information, but what a brilliant move, if this is true.

Welker posed the question with little context and the president tried to explain that children on the border are often exploited by people other than their parents to gain entry into the U.S. — there are even reports of children being sold for this purpose.

“Children are brought here by coyotes and lots of bad people, cartels, and they’re brought here, and they used to use them to get into our country,” Trump said.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden jumped in to slam Trump for “ripping” children from their mothers’ arms, which prompted the president to repeatedly ask Biden who built the cages where the children were kept — the answer, of course, is the Obama-Biden administration.

Biden falsely denied that they separated children, but Trump accurately told Welker, “They did it. We changed the policy.”

All of which prompted a wave of tweets reminding the country about who really did build the cages — which are actually chained link fences.

Here’s a sampling of some of the responses to the story from Twitter:

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