New York Post officially endorses President Trump for re-election, remains locked out on Twitter

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Citing the economy, or it’s potential under the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the New York Post officially endorsed President Donald J. Trump for re-election.

Founded by Alexander Hamilton, America’s oldest daily newspaper backed Trump for the potential of what may lie ahead under his leadership.


The rosy assessment based not on political ideology, but on pre-pandemic realities.

“We can return to the explosive job creation, rising wages and general prosperity we had before the pandemic,” the editorial board said. “We can have economic freedom and opportunity, and resist cancel culture and censorship. We can put annus horribilis, 2020, behind us and make America great again, again. We can do all this — if we make the right choice on Nov. 3.”

Readers were reminded that before the Chinese plague, unemployment stood at 3.5%,  the lowest in a half-century, and that black unemployment was 6.8%, the lowest since 1972.

The board stressed there were 1 million more job openings than people unemployed and this was driving up salaries.

More from the Post:

For the first time in a decade, wage growth exceeded 3 percent year-over-year. It also narrowed the wealth gap. Between 2016 and 2019, real median incomes rose the most, 9 percent, for those without a high-school diploma. Real median incomes declined 2.3 percent for those with a college degree, mostly because older workers retired, according to the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances.

How did President Trump do it? First, by trusting the free market. He championed lowering the corporate tax rate to a figure more in line with the rest of the industrialized world. He cut cumbersome regulations, particularly ones rammed through as President Obama was headed out the door. He streamlined the permitting process that would delay infrastructure projects by years, sometimes decades.


As for the alternative, the Post warned that Democratic nominee Joe Biden “would be beholden to a socialist left that sees an opportunity to remake the nation in its vision, one more dependent on government debt.”

“Biden would open the border floodgates again, and by all appearances would go back to “normalization” with China — a byword for them eating our lunch,” the paper said.

As president, the 77-year-old Democrat would likely usher in more pandemic-driven lockdowns that are crushing middle America.

The board said Biden “is a figurehead candidate for the Democratic Party,” stressing that Sen. Kamala Harris is already measuring the drapes.

“He rarely takes questions, sticks to his stump speeches, puts a lid on the day at the late hour of 9 a.m. There’s no reason to think his presidency would be any different. The assurgent left of the party, AOC and the Squad, are salivating at the possibility of pushing through their agenda,” the paper added.

On that note, the Biden campaign announced a lid early Sunday — with just nine days to go in the election:

The N.Y. Post’s endorsement comes as the paper remains locked out on Twitter over the bombshell report about purported emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop — presumably, the Post would be granted clemency by Jack Dorsey’s Orwellian censors if they delete the tweet.

Twitter barred users from sharing the link to the article, issuing a warning that it was “potentially harmful.”

The hypocritical liberal media takes no issue with a newspaper being treated this way, though others still remind America of what can only be described as real life election interference.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the lockout from Twitter:

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