Guy arrested with van full of weapons, explosives had plans to assassinate Joe Biden

Jake Dima, DCNF

A North Carolina man indicted for child pornography in September had plans to assassinate Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, federal law enforcement said.

Alexander Hillel Treisman, 19, was arrested in September after cops noticed an abandoned van near a bank containing an AR-15, an explosive material called Tannerite, and roughly half of a million dollars in cash, according to the Daily Beast. Authorities apprehended the teenager when he allegedly went to retrieve the vehicle, and he was initially booked for carrying a concealed weapon, the Beast reported.


A grand jury indicted Treisman for child pornography when authorities said three laptops, three hard drives, a cell phone and a flash drive of his contained thousands of graphic images and videos of underage porn, court documents obtained by the Beast showed.

However, further review of his devices indicated Triesman had allegedly plotted to kill Biden, according to federal authorities from multiple agencies.

The 19-year-old purportedly wrote “Should I kill joe biden?” in April on an app called iFunny, and he traveled to the former vice president’s home state of Delaware at least once in a bid to “save” Democratic Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, documents obtained by the Beast showed.

Investigators discovered a note on the man’s phone that “was consistent with a surveillance and attack plan connected to a possible threat against Joe Biden or other targeted act of violence,” according to documents obtained by the Beast. The 19-year-old also reportedly pondered if Biden would have secret service protection for life, the Beast reported.

Treisman also had an affinity for “mass shootings” and “terrorist incidents,” according to a search warrant obtained by the outlet.

An October 2019 note on the teen’s phone contained a plot to conduct a mass shooting on either Christmas or Black Friday, a search warrant read, according to the Beast.

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