Chris Wallace brags Ice Cube is his new ‘bestie,’ teases ‘interesting conversation’ with preview

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Fox News host Chris Wallace has claimed to be “besties” with rapper Ice Cube.

He posited the presumably facetious claim while teasing an upcoming interview between him and the rapper slated to air Sunday on Fox News’ “Fox News Sunday.”

Wallace had been speaking on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” this Friday when host Sandra Smith asked him about his guests for the next episode of “Fox News Sunday.”

“This ‘Fox News Sunday,’ your guests I hear are Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the RNC, and … Ice Cube? Chris, tell us about it,” she said.

“I suspect you’re talking more about Ice Cube than Ronna McDaniel. We’ll also have a representative of the Biden campaign,” Wallace replied with a laugh.

He continued, “Yeah, Ice Cube, the famous rapper, N.W.A, Straight Outta Compton. He came out with a Contract With Black America in the summer. Met with Jared Kushner and kind of endorsed the Trump Platinum Plan. Took tremendous backlash from the black community. We have a very interesting conversation with Cube.”

Cube? It’s like that, homie?

“I now just call him ‘Cube’ because we are besties. And you’ll be interested to hear it. It’s Chris and Cube on FOX News Sunday,” Wallace added.

Apparently, it is. Word!

Listen starting from the 4:41 mark below:

The “Fox News Sunday” host then provided a very short teaser from the episode. The short clip showed him pressing Cube about the criticism he’s faced for standing up to the Democrat Party and simply meeting with the Trump administration.

“Some people called you a sellout. Some people said you were working with the dark side,” Wallace says in the clip.

“I mean, that’s their opinion. They obviously don’t know the facts or won’t accept the facts. I told everybody that, you know, I’m not playing politics with this. I’m willing to meet with anybody who could bring this to life and make it a reality,” Cube replies.

Watch below (be aware that the video may go silent around the 28-second mark):

Cube is among three black rappers who’ve become pariahs to the hateful left for the crime of refusing to stay in their lane and abide by the status quo.

The status quo is that black people cannot associate with or support President Donald Trump in any way, shape or form.

To be clear, Cube doesn’t like or support Trump. But he’d been willing to meet with the Trump administration to share details about his Contract with Black America (CWBA).

After being outed last week for the otherwise benign meeting, he came under heavy fire — much of it racist — and has since repeatedly been forced to explain himself to left-wingers.

It’s been about a week since he was outed, and now the same thing is happening to rappers 50 Cent and Waka Flocka Flame, both of whom do appear to support the president.

50 got in trouble after he slammed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s tax plan and suggested he intends to vote for Trump come November:

In response to the rapper’s announcement, his ex-girlfriend, profane “comedian” and anti-Trump zealot Chelsea Handler, chided him by “reminding” him that he can’t support Trump because he’s black, whatever that means …

The race-obsessed “comedian” also seemingly offered the rapper sex — or “another spin,” as she put it — if he backtracks and denounces the president.

Flocka meanwhile provoked an avalanche of hatred after he not only effectively came out in support of Trump but also essentially came out against America’s first black president and the left’s longtime messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.

On Thursday rap music commentator DK Akademiks shared a clip from a lackluster speech that Obama had delivered on behalf of Biden. As a caption, he wrote, “The big homie #barackobama violated #donaldtrump at a rally event today.”

In response, a user condescendingly wrote “its people who really think Trump is a better President than Obama” and added a clown emoji to the end of the comment.

This apparently piqued Flocka’s attention, who responded soon after with an Instagram comment heard all across the world.


“[G]uess I’m a clown,” he wrote, suggesting he believes Trump is a better president than Obama.


The one thing that seems to unite Cube, 50 and Flocka is their shared willingness to be independent thinkers instead of just blindly led sheep.

Conversely, the only thing really separating them is that only one of them — Cube — is besties with Fox News OG Chris Wallace.

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