‘Here you go, Joe!’ Harris in spin mode after Trump wastes no time calling Biden’s bluff on fracking

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The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris of California shifted into political spin mode Friday to push back against claims by President Donald Trump’s campaign that they both want to ban fracking.

“Joe Biden is not gonna ban fracking,” Harris told reporters as she prepared to travel to Georgia for a campaign event in Atlanta. “He’s gonna deal with the oil subsidies but that’s…you know, the president likes to put everything out of context.

“But let’s be clear: What Joe was talking about was banning subsidies, but he will not ban fracking in America,” she added.

The Biden-Harris campaign was responding to allegations that President Trump made during Thursday’s final debate with Biden, in which he pointed out, again, that both Biden and Harris have said they would ban a lucrative energy-producing practice that has dramatically improved economies in battleground states like Ohio and Pennsylvania while leading the U.S. to energy independence for the first time in decades.

Also, as reported by OilPrice.com, “the Democrat candidate has already made public a clean energy plan that will cost $1.7 trillion and that will focus on research and development of new clean energy solutions to the climate crisis. This in itself would be negative for the oil and gas industry, if successful, as it will dampen demand for their products.”

“We’re going to have the greatest economy in the world, but if you want to kill the economy, get rid of your oil industry you want,” President Trump said, before asking Biden, “And what about fracking?”

“I never said I oppose fracking,” Biden responded.

“You said it on tape,” Trump fired back.

“Show the tape, put it on your website,” Biden dared Trump.

“I’ll put it on,” said the president.

“Put it on the website,” Biden said. “The fact of the matter is he’s flat lying.”

That led NBC News correspondent and debate moderator Kristen Welker to ask the former vice president, “Would you rule out about banning fracking?”

“I do rule out banning fracking because the answer we need, we need other industries to transition, to get to ultimately a complete zero emissions by 2025,” Biden answered. “What I will do with fracking over time is make sure that we can capture the emissions from the fracking, capture the emissions from gas. We can do that and we can do that by investing money in doing it, but it’s a transition to that.”

As promised, President Trump released a video containing multiple clips of both Biden and Harris saying, unequivocally, they would ban the practice, which is officially called “hydraulic fracturing.”


It begins with a clip from a Democratic presidential debate in July where CNN moderator Dana Bash asked Biden if there would be “any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking” in his administration.

“No, we would — we would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those, either — any fossil fuel,” Biden responded.

Additional clips show Biden saying, “We’re going to end fossil fuels,” and, “I’d gradually move away from fracking.”

The video compilation also features Harris, in which she says, “And, I think it’s critically important on day one that we end any fossil fuel leases on public lands.” She is then shown saying, “There’s no question that I’m in favor of banning fracking.”

States that depend heavily on fracking for income and job creation also include Texas, and Oklahoma.

Even CNN fact-checked Biden’s claim that he never called for a fracking ban.

“Biden also said he was against ‘new fracking’ in a Democratic primary debate in March when challenged by his opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, on the issue of climate change,” the outlet noted. “His campaign clarified to reporters that same evening that Biden was reiterating his plan to ban oil and gas permits on public land, not a complete ban on new fracking, which a president cannot do.”

But that did not stop the social media giants including Twitter from coming to Biden’s defense, claiming, without having any way of knowing, that a Biden administration would not ban the practice.

Jon Dougherty


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