‘Stop attacking gay people!’ Ric Grenell brilliantly beats lib at identity-politics game, asks ‘did I do that right?’

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Two can play that game …

When left-wing activist Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress tried playing the antisemitic card on former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, the openly gay Republican fired back by playing the homophobic card.

The beef between the two started and ended on Twitter, where early Saturday morning Tanden took a shot at Trump administration official Marc Caputo.

The previous evening Caputo posted a video of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden being asked to address the bombshell allegations surrounding his crack-smoking son, Hunter. He captioned the video by writing, “Newsworthy question.”

Tanden clapped back the following morning by echoing the unsubstantiated establishment line and accusing Caputo of peddling Russian disinformation.

Look at the full thread below:

Responding to the left-wing activist’s snarky, accusatory tweet, Grenell jumped into the feud and accused her of being a pseudo journalist.


To be fair, Tanden is an activist who serves as president of the Center for American Progress, which is a far-left 501(c)(3). But on the other hand, these days “activist” is practically a synonym for “journalist.”

In response to Grenell’s post, independent journalist Ksenija Pavlovic McAteer pointed out that it’s “interesting” how the left reflexively brings out the Russian bogeyman “whenever something” negative comes out about Democrats.

Responding to what McAteer had written, Grenell then lobbed another attack, but this time he accused Tandem of being the one pushing Russian propaganda.

In lobbing the attack, he also brought up billionaire left-wing activist George Soros, who’s been very active in trying to affect the outcome of the 2020 race.


This is where the story gets interesting.

Replying to Grenell’s second attack, Tandem trotted out the antisemitism card.


Bad choice, Joyce.

The problem with trying to use the antisemitism or any other card with someone like Grenell is that he has plenty of his own cards to play as well.

And boy did he ever play his:

For a meme depiction of what essentially just happened, click the play button below:

All that was left was for Grenell to “FINISH HER,” which he did about two minutes later.


Did he have a point, though? Yes.

The claim that the bombshell emails uncovered by the New York Post last week are Russian disinformation is an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory.

In fact, bundles of additional evidence has emerged proving — or at least highly suggesting — that the Post’s findings are 100 percent legitimate.

Adam Housley, an award-winning journalist, revealed that Hunter Biden’s attorney has been trying to retrieve the laptop that contains the bombshell emails about Hunter that were published by the Post last week.

This is a monumental finding because, as noted by Housley, “You don’t ask for someone else’s computers…you ask for your own.”

Moreover, Fox News obtained confirmation from sources that the “big guy” referenced in one of the emails was former Vice President Joe Biden himself.

All these findings strongly suggest that the emails contained on the laptop aren’t Russian disinformation — they’re the real deal, and no amount of excuse-making and antisemitism-card-playing will change that.

But if anyone does want to try and play some cards, chances are they won’t be able to beat Grenell’s killer hand.

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