$400,000 ‘is more money than I’ve ever made’: Multimillionaire Joe Biden casually lies to Detroit steelworkers

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Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told steelworkers at a private home in Detroit last month that he’s never made $400,000 during a discussion about raising taxes on wealthy earners.

“Every single thing I talk about, I pay for, by making sure, for the first time, the wealthy begin to pay what they should be paying,” Biden said Sept. 9, the Detroit Free Press reported.

“We’re not going to punish anybody. No one making under $400,000, which is more money than I’ve ever made, is going to have to pay more taxes,” the former vice president said.

In fact, that claim is patently false.

According to a number of outlets, Joe and Jill Biden are worth approximately $9 million, with their assets divided up between real estate and other investments.

Also, according to the Tax Notes archive of presidential tax returns cited by the paper, the Bidens surpassed $400,000 once in 2013 ($407,000), though beginning in 2009 and continuing for several years afterward, the couple earned between $330,000 and $397,000 per year.

Then, in 2017, the first year Joe Biden left the vice presidency, the couple earned $11,031,309 while earning a reported $4,580,437 in 2018.

Interestingly, Biden began buying expensive real estate in his 20s, purchasing a DuPont mansion in upscale Greenville, Del., for $185,000 in 1974. He would sell that property for $1.2 million in 1996.

The Bidens now have two mansions — one in Greenville, and a second in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

But throughout the mid-1990s into the 2000s, before Joe Biden became vice president in 2008, the couple only earned between $220,000 and $322,000, according to their tax returns.

In short, the Bidens have always seemed to live well, despite relatively modest listed incomes, really only ‘cashing in’ since Joe left the vice presidency.

The apparent difference between the Bidens’ listed income and the outward appearance of their real estate assets alone could be explained in large part by an email that presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani said he discovered on the hard drive of a MacBook Pro laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware repair shop last year — the contents of which have formed the basis for a series of explosive stories by the New York Post and Breitbart News last week.

One of the emails, Giuliani says, was sent from Hunter Biden to his daughter, Naomi. In it, Hunter Biden strongly suggests that for decades he’s been kicking back 50 percent of what he earns — using his father’s name and connections — to Joe Biden.

“All during the time that I’ve been disrespected, I’ve been the one who has supported this family for 30 years, and unlike pop, I’m not going to require you to give half of your salary to me,” Giuliani told The Daily Caller in an interview, quoting from the email.

The former New York City mayor further explained that the kickback scheme “is a Chinese method of corruption,” whereby the one providing the kickbacks does so in a way that can’t be traced — such as, perhaps in this case, Hunter Biden paying expenses for his father but not actually putting the money in his father’s account.

Giuliani said the email provided “direct evidence” that Joe Biden used his office over the years to solicit bribes from foreign actors through his son.

“This guy has made a mockery out of being a senator and a vice president,” he told The DCNF. “They sold Joe Biden’s public office.”

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