Pa. bakery’s cookie sales have predicted past 3 presidential elections, one 2020 candidate is trending heavily

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The owners of a Pennsylvania bakery that makes candidate-specific cookies whose sales have predicted the presidential winner in the past three elections say a clear trend has already been established for this year’s race.

The family-owned Lochel’s Bakery in the town of Hatboro, just north of Philadelphia, said that cookies bearing blue “Biden 2020” and red “Trump 2020” are already flying off the shelves.

In fact, the owners say this year’s sales are like nothing they’ve seen in four election cycles thus far, adding there are days when they completely run out of cookies.

“People are going crazy for them,” bakery owner Kathleen Lochel told Fox News in a statement, noting that usually the shop only sells a couple hundred for each candidate.

But this election cycle, however, the shop has already sold cookies in the thousands, and what’s more, she says that demand for them isn’t abating at all.

Friday morning, the shop announced on its Facebook account that all cookies sold out the previous day, which led to an early closure so workers could “bake, recoup, and stock.”

“We will be open at 6 a.m. until when [I don’t know] because we could sell out like yesterday,” said a message from the shop. “If we sell out we close early.”

But because of the high demand, the shop is now limiting walk-in customers to six cookies, while adding that the bakery was limiting pre-orders to 100.

That said, the owners are very eager to serve customers locally and around the country, Fox News added. The bakery is mailing cookies to people in states around the country, to which Kathleen Lochel credited social media and word of mouth.

She’s also been having some fun with the sales, tallying them up every few days.

So — who’s in the lead this year?

“So far as of 10 a.m. Trump is in the lead 3 to 1,” she told the news network.

That said, the owner noted she’s not trying to make any political statement one way or another, but that the sales are just for fun and customers obviously seem to like it.

“We are NOT favoring a candidate, we are NOT displaying personal feelings or commenting on who we want to win,” Kathleen told Fox News.

“What we are doing is winning for the bakery,” she added.

She further noted that the increased cookie sales volume is making up for losses the bakery has endured since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, she told the network, Lochel’s sales pace has grown so much and so quickly she’s had to hire additional staff to keep up with demand.

The owner also said she’s very proud to be able to provide work to people while also being able to pay overtime to her workers to help them “through a rough time.”

“We need to keep going to provide for staff, community, and most importantly give people a sense of normalcy,” she added.

That said nearly 59 percent of voters in Montgomery County cast ballots for Hillary Clinton in 2016 — though sales correctly predicted a Trump victory.

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