Trump knocks Pelosi for blocking needed stimulus: ‘She’s got a lot of mental problems’

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President Donald Trump says he’s willing to pick up the phone and call Nancy Pelosi to up the ante on a new COVID-19 stimulus bill as a way to unstall the logjammed bipartisan negotiations to get cash into the hands of the American people. He implied, however, that U.S. House Speaker’s alleged cognitive challenges and politics-playing make that a waste of time.

“Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to give anything. She thinks it helps her with the election, and I don’t think so. I think it hurts her with the election, because everyone knows she is holding it up. We’re not holding it up. She’s holding it up,” the president told FBN’s Stuart Varney about his repeated political sparring partner.

“But I know my people. I know life. She’s got a lot of problems, she’s got a lot of mental problems, and it’s going to be very hard to do anything with her. She wants to wait until after the election. She thinks it hurts the Republicans, and I don’t. I think it hurts them,” Trump insisted about the San Francisco Democrat.

The POTUS assessment of Nancy Pelosi’s mental state may or may not be accurate, but she did have a meltdown on CNN this week during an interview conducted by the usually compliant liberal Wolf Blitzer. Pelosi became triggered when the anchor asked her why she keeps rejecting President Trump’s relief package when some of her fellow Democrats — including Congressman Ro Khanna and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang — have urged her to accept the offer.

The annoyed lawmaker even accused Blitzer of serving as an apologist for the GOP, as if that kind of content ever occurs at any time on CNN, a channel which is accused by many of essentially functioning as a 24/7, anti-Trump infomercial.

Although Trump announced on October 6 that he was breaking off negotiations because the Democrats wanted to lard up the bill with funding unrelated to COVID, the president told Varney that he’s willing to increase his spending proposal beyond $1.8 trillion.

“I would, because this was not caused by our workers and our people. This was caused by China. And China will pay us back in one form or another…I would go higher. Go big or go home…” He also predicted a very strong third quarter for the U.S. economy.

Watch a clip from the exchange in the wide-ranging interview:

(Source: Fox Business)

During the same interview, on a similar theme, Trump described Biden as “mentally shot…we can’t have a president who is not mentally sharp. And he wasn’t sharp in ‘prime time.'”

Pelosi may be perfectly fine and instead possibly suffering from a temporary brain freeze as a result of eating too much gourmet ice cream from her $24,000 refrigerator.

Ironically perhaps, Nancy Pelosi announced on October 9 that she was setting up a commission to determine whether President Trump is mentally fit to continue leading the country pursuant to the 25th Amendment.

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