Ingraham: Trump vindicated. ‘Total disasters’ in Europe take away Dems’ Covid talking points

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham believes the “total disasters” of Europe’s economies pandemic make it clear that President Trump handled things better in the U.S.

Ingraham applauded Trump’s actions throughout the crisis and declared he has been “vindicated” as she took a look Tuesday at the effect of coronavirus lockdowns overseas, where the economies of European nations have been “crushed” by their governments.

“The World Health Organization has finally confirmed what we at ‘The Ingraham Angle’ have been telling you for months,” the Fox News host began in a monologue on Tuesday.

“That COVID lockdowns are horribly destructive, especially to the poor. Now in light of this it’s time for another reality check and to realize how fortunate we are that Trump was in charge before, during and after the pandemic hit,” Ingraham continued.

(Source: Fox News)

“The politicized expert class has been wrong more than right, and President Trump was smart enough to follow his own America-first instincts instead of their America-last default,” Ingraham said, targeting the “pro-Biden media toadies” for their “idiocy” with a series of flashbacks showing the reports of how European nations supposedly battled the pandemic successfully.

“European nations entered lengthy lockdowns and now they’re experiencing a massive surge of COVID cases and even deaths, while we’re steadily improving. We have been since about July,” Ingraham explained.

“The only thing Europe crushed was its economy,” she said. “The IMF’s new GDP loss projections vindicate Trump’s pro-America story. As you can see, the U.S. beats every other G-7 member nation in managing the COVID fallout.”

Ingraham noted that “had we listened to Team Biden we would look like the U.K., France or Italy: Total disasters.”

(Image: Fox News screenshot)

She went on to show that the U.S. would have suffered about a $1.6 trillion hit instead of the $815 billion loss if Trump had followed Europe’s lead. The president’s decisions protected the nation from what a Biden economic shutdown would have produced, which Ingraham revealed would have been an additional $770 billion in losses.

“That’s more than the GDP Of Ohio. That’s like taking Ohio out of our country for a year,” the Fox News host exclaimed.

She went on to note how the future under a Trump administration looks “bright” and would be even better “if the petty tyrants running the blue states weren’t dragging their feet on reopening their economies.”

“According to The Spectator, 14 out of the top 16 strongest economic recoveries are occurring in Republican-led states with conservative policies,” Ingraham quoted, adding that 12 of out of the 16 weakest recoveries are “occurring in Democratic-led states with progressive policies.”

“Why doesn’t the press ask Biden about any of this?” she asked. “Because they’re acting as his comms team, that’s why. Biden has no answer for any of this, God bless him, because there is no answer for this, and he’s losing it.”

Ingraham warned that Biden’s “lockdown, tax and regulate approach” will “lead us to financial ruin, people.”

In contrast, Trump’s economic track record leaves Biden in the dust and Ingraham argued that the president should make this a key focus of his campaign. Trump spoke of his administration’s economic accomplishments during his Pennsylvania rally on Tuesday.

“The crowd was wild because this is success. You cannot debate it. Just the job numbers and wage increases from Trump’s first three years in office should be enough to convince every voter in America to support him,” she said.

“On nearly every key economic and COVID issue, Donald Trump has been proven correct,” Ingraham told viewers, “and Biden proven wrong.”

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