Mark Meadows blows off CNN reporter who balks when he removes mask while ’10 feet away’

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White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows brushed off CNN’s Kristin Wilson when she balked after he removed his mask to answer her question even though he was “more than 10 feet away” from her.

“I’m not going to talk through a mask [when the press is being unreasonable],” Meadows quipped while walking away from Wilson.

The brouhaha erupted after Wilson stopped Meadows in the hallway to ask him a question.

Meadows politely stopped and moved himself back several feet away from Kristin.

“Let me pull away,” Meadows said.

Wilson crowed: “Yep! Pull away!”

When Meadows took his mask off to answer Wilson’s question, she groused: “Nooooooooo!”

In response, Meadows patiently retorted: “I’m more than 10 feet away.”

After Wilson continued to melt down, Meadows put his mask back on and walked off, saying “I’m not going to talk through a mask.”

This is CNN’s Kristin Wilson:

Mark Meadows was following CDC guidelines, which recommends wearing a mask indoors when talking to someone if you cannot maintain a six-foot distance.

However, the CDC underscored that wearing a mask won’t guarantee that you won’t get COVID and that social-distancing (which Mark Meadows did) is the best way to prevent infection.

Predictably, left-wing Twitter users had a meltdown when Meadows took off his mask while standing 10 feet away from Wilson.

In contrast, they did not scold Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she visited a California hair salon last month in violation of coronavirus shutdowns while not wearing a mask indoors.

Similarly, the left said nothing about the numerous Black Lives Matter riots, where left-wing mobs often appeared maskless and were packed together like sardines.

And yesterday, hordes of basketball fans barraged the streets to celebrate the Los Angeles Lakers, who won the NBA finals this year.

Many did not wear masks or social-distance. Where is the left-wing outrage?

During their “celebration,” the Lakers fans vandalized a metro bus and set it on fire.

“If you can’t tell the difference between a riot and the Lakers winning the NBA championship, you are definitely in Los Angeles.”

Here was the tally after the Lakers’ street “celebration” was over in Democrat-controlled Los Angeles:

  • 76 Arrested
  • 8 Officers Injured
  • 30+ businesses damaged or destroyed
  • MTA bus set ablaze.

Reminder: Democrat Joe Biden is pushing a one-size-fits-all nationwide mask mandate.

“Every single American should be wearing a mask when they are outside for the next three months at minimum,” Biden said. “Every governor should mandate mandatory mask-wearing. Let’s institute a mask mandate nationwide starting immediately and we will save lives. It’s not about your rights. It’s about your responsibilities as an American.”

This means Biden wants the rancher who works on a sprawling Montana ranch or the farmer on a 400-acre farm to wear a mask the same way that the New Yorker who lives in a crowded city does.

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