Jim Acosta inadvertently burns himself when he touts his live response to ‘CNN sucks’ chants

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CNN’s Jim Acosta attempted to fire back with what only he thought was a great comeback after being met with chants of “CNN sucks” at President Donald Trump’s Florida rally.

The network’s chief White House correspondent was trying to deliver his live report from the Sanford event, Trump’s first campaign rally since his recovery from the coronavirus, when the crowd behind him could be heard chanting the familiar words. Acosta’s quick response, however, was not as clever as he probably thought it was.

Acosta spoke with “The Situation Room” anchor Wolf Blitzer from the Florida rally where Trump was greeted on Monday by thousands of supporters. The reporter noted upcoming campaign events Trump plans to hold in other states such as Iowa and North Carolina, which Acosta said should be “in the bag” for the president.

As he was reporting, voices in the background of his live shot grew louder until Acosta himself addressed the “CNN sucks” chanting.

(Source: CNN)

“And as this crowd is chanting that there are members of the press here who suck, I should also point out, Wolf, what also sucks- getting the coronavirus,” Acosta said with a touch of drama.

Blitzer backed his remarks, adding that it “would be really, really awful.”

“Over the weekend, the President said the coronavirus was disappearing. Clearly, it’s not disappearing. It’s getting a whole lot worse,” he claimed.

Just one week after his coronavirus treatment and release from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Trump told the Florida crowd that he felt “so powerful.” His physician Dr. Sean Conley revealed Monday that the president tested negative for COVID-19 and Trump celebrated his recovery along with his supporters.

But the pearl-clutching and head-shaking continued by the liberal media which took every opportunity to portray Trump’s rally event and even his recovery in a bad light. While Acosta and his colleagues lectured the president, there didn’t seem to be any finger-wagging for the Los Angeles Lakers fans in California after their National Basketball Association championship win. Buildings and businesses were damaged, more than 70 people were arrested and many taken to hospitals after nearly 1,000 fans converged at the Staples Center.

But Acosta was more concerned about Trump’s rally-goers and made sure the president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., saw that he had a clever comeback for the anti-CNN chanting crowd.

The CNN reporter linked to a gushing Mediaite article reporting on his response to the crowd.

Apparently, Acosta failed to realize his zinger was actually an acknowledgment that his network “also” sucks.

The White House correspondent was called out for apparently not wearing his mask when the cameras were not on him.

Acosta was mocked on Twitter for his remark and his over-sensitivity.


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