‘Take it like a woman’: Megyn Kelly scolds Kamala Harris for uncontrolled facial expressions during debate

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U.S. Senator Kamala Harris may have wanted to focus on the issues and policy in her debate with Vice President Mike Pence but viewers could not get past her facial expressions.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee was essentially run over by her opponent as Pence repeatedly brought the facts to the table in a calm and thorough manner. Harris, on the other hand, sparked widespread criticism not only for her ineffective debating but also for her many “smug” and “exaggerated” facial expressions, with Megyn Kelly tweeting at one point for her to “take it like a woman.”

Despite the abundance of policy issues covered in Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, it seems many viewers were not only distracted by a fly that landed on Pence’s head but also by Harris’ body language.

The Democrat’s performance was peppered with smirking, head shaking, smug laughing, side-eye looks at Pence and more distractions that dominated the split screen in the 90-minute spectacle.

Social media users weighed in on Harris’ smirking, with some liberals trying to salvage the night by turning her immature face contortions into a good thing. Others predicted a wave of memes that would follow.

Megyn Kelly, formerly of Fox News and NBC, told the Democratic contender at one point to take it “like a woman” and not to “make faces.”

She explained her take when there was some confusion on Twitter about the expression.

Many of the debate points seemed to have been overtaken by the senator’s constant facial posturing.

“Smug is never a good look,” columnist and Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce tweeted in a succinct summary.

Twitter users wholeheartedly agreed.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway wondered aloud if anyone had looked into the negative effect Harris’ “smug head bob thing” would have on voters.

And the negative responses continued to pour in.


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