‘Irony has no bounds’: James Woods slams narcissistic celebs posing naked to educate the masses

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In a message arguably designed for Joe Biden supporters, a group of liberal celebrities appeared naked in a cringe-worthy video.

In the mercifully short footage, the celebs cautioned against sending in so-called naked ballots, reminding voters in states where this applies that they have to insert their ballot into an unmarked envelope first. “Naked ballots —  and you don’t want to have one of those,” the strident leftist Chelsea Handler warned in the clip reportedly made by an organization called RepresentUS.

Actor James Woods, one of the few publicly vocal conservatives in Hollywood, was not impressed by these luminaries taking self-involvement to a completely new level, especially given the depraved reputation of the entertainment industry. “Within months of the #MeToo hysteria Hollywood ladies whip out their t*ts to get votes for hair-sniffing handsy old #JoeBiden. Irony has no bounds.”

Other pro-Sleepy Joe celebrities, or alleged celebrities, who appear in the bizarre public service/disservice announcement include Sarah Silverman, Sarah Silverman’s dad, Chris Rock, Mark Ruffalo, Amy Schumer (who used to be somewhat funny when she appeared on FNC’s Red Eye in her pre-woke days), Tiffany Haddish, Naomi Campbell, Josh Gad, Ryan Michelle Bathe, and Sacha Baron Cohen (as Borat).

While everyone that appears is a pro-Biden leftist, according to a statement from RepresentUS co-founder and CEO Josh Silver, “This is not a partisan issue; it affects all people planning to vote by mail. We’re grateful to this committed and talented group for making an eye-catching video so that everyone understands what they need to do to ensure their vote is counted.”

Watch the video below in which Ruffalo says, appropriately enough, “I know what you’re thinking — you’re thinking, Ruffalo, put your clothes on.” Unfortunately, his colleagues didn’t take his advice. (**Warning for content and language)

For some reason, some Democrats appear captivated with promoting voting compliance while nude. In late September 2020, three Pennsylvania lawmakers took to Twitter to issue a reminder about naked ballots to the next level by posing topless with strategically placed secrecy envelopes.

Whether clothed or unclothed, when superficial Hollywood types intervene in politics, it “barely” gets the results they seek. Here is a sample of the social media reaction:

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