Brave woman refuses to let go as Portland thugs try to steal US flag, pull her on the ground by her hair

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There’s always one common element in the videos that showcase the total chaos in the streets of Portland — no police in sight.

The assessment doesn’t include the rare occasions when the Portland Police Bureau decides to draw a line, of course, but it’s hard to believe that 133 days after the death of George Floyd, who may or may not have died from a fentanyl overdose, anarchists and radical left revolutionaries are still causing mayhem in the Democrat-run city.


It’s also hard to believe that the liberal media continues to ignore the inexcusable behavior, or otherwise run interference for the continued lawlessness, but more on that later.

On Sunday, a protest was held in downtown Portland by conservatives and violent Antifa elements “came to attack the attendees,” noted journalist Andy Ngo reported, as he shared a video of a woman of color being attacked over her American flag.

Explaining that the conservative protesters were leaving, Ngo said the mob tried to steal the woman’s flag.

“She refused to let go & they pulled her to ground by her hair. She still didn’t let go,” he tweeted.

Ngo also shared a video from Andrew Duncomb, a black conservative videographer who he noted has been stabbed over the summer.

“Seems like they are trying to finish what they started previously,” Ngo tweeted.

Duncomb tweeted: “Antifa and BLM supporters attacked my vehicle. Most of them were white. They do not care about black lives.”

Again, where are the police?

As for the lack of media coverage of the city being under siege, Brit Hume linked to an article by columnist Byron York on the matter.

“Meanwhile, in Portland, the rioting continues. National media are largely silent,” the Fox News senior political analyst tweeted.

Turns out, the violence is still there… but the media coverage has fallen off completely.

A drop off that just happens to coincide with CNN’s Don Lemon sounding the alarm  that the lawlessness was showing up in the polls and hurting Democrats.

York noted that during the recent presidential debate, Democratic nominee Joe Biden declared, “Antifa is an idea and not an organization.”

An analogy that has seen no push back from the media.

“But in Portland, if Antifa is an idea, it’s an idea armed with window punch tools, pepper spray, throwing knives, a laser pointer, a slingshot, rocks, and more,” wrote York. “Perhaps if the violence were covered more in the media, Biden would be forced to defend his indefensible claim.”

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