Trump continues to work, offers uplifting message to a worried nation: ‘Miracles coming down from God’

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Amid a media frenzy faulting President Donald Trump for contracting Covid-19, the president released a video statement Saturday evening that served as a welcoming respite from the all the negative coverage of his illness.

Trump addressed the nation from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, his first public remarks since being admitted to the hospital Friday, and assured worried Americans that he was feeling “much better.”


Flanked by both the American flag and the presidential flag, Trump was sitting at a table wearing a sport jacket and no tie, and appeared more subdued than usual.

“I came here I wasn’t feeling so well. I feel much better now,” the president said. “We are working hard to get me all the way back, I have to be back because we still have to make America great again. We’ve done an awfully good job at that, but we still have steps to go and we have to finish that job. ”


“I’ll be back, I think I’ll be back soon,” he said. “And I look forward to finishing up the campaign the way it was started.”

Trump said contracting the virus is “something that happened, and it’s happened to millions of people all over the world. And I’m fighting for them. … We’re going to beat this coronavirus or whatever you want to call it, and we’re going to beat it soundly.”

The president also praised the advances in therapeutics to counter the virus.

“We have things happening that look like they’re miracles coming down from God,” Trump said.

While saying he was “starting to feel good,” the president cautioned that the “real test” is coming over the next few days.

He thanked the American people for their support, promising he will not forget that, and expressed no regrets for leading the nation from up front, exposing himself to the risk of getting the virus.

“I had no choice because I just didn’t want to stay in the White House,” Trump said. “I was given that alternative. Stay in the White House, lock yourself in. Don’t ever leave. … I can’t do that. I had to be out front. This is the most powerful country in the world. I can’t be locked up in a room upstairs, and totally safe, and just say, “Hey, whatever happens, happens.” I can’t do that.”

“We have to confront problems,” he said. “As a leader, you have to confront problems. There’s never been a great leader that would have done that.”

First lady Melania Trump also tested positive for Covid-19, the president assured the nation that she was doing well.

“I’m doing well. I want to thank everybody,” he said. “Our first lady is doing very well. Melania asked me to say something as to the respect that she has for our country, the love that she has for our country, and we’re both doing well.”

“I think we’re going to have a very good result,” Trump said in closing. “Over the next few days we’re going to probably know for sure, so I just want to thank everybody out there, everybody all over the world, specifically the United States. The outpouring of love has been incredible. I will never forget.”

There was no mention of the liberal media challenging the timeline of when he was diagnosed with the disease, desperate to prove that he intentionally placed others in serious jeopardy, or of a persistent effort on their part to convince the nation that he was doing much worse than he appears to be doing.

White House physician Dr. Sean Conley released a statement Saturday night saying the president remained fever-free and off supplemental oxygen, and was ambulatory as he worked from the presidential suite at Walter Reed.

“He spent most of the afternoon conducting business, and has been up and moving about the medical suite without difficulty,” Conley said.

The physician said Trump received a  second dose of remdesivir and “continues to do well.”

And while he said the medical team “remains cautiously optimistic,” Conley warned that the president is “not out of the woods yet.”

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