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Joy Reid lends credence to ‘crazy’ rumors Trump is lying about having Covid-19

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MSNBC’s latest primetime star Joy Reid reacted to the alarming news that President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19 by lending credence to claims that the president is lying for political purposes.

That being one a several responses seen online from Reid, none of which conveyed any sense of regret or sympathy, or offers of condolence.


Instead, the MSNBC host attacked Trump’s credibility and highlighted some of her “friends” who expressed their disbelief.

“Here’s how wrecked Trump’s credibility is at this point: I’ve got a cellphone full of texts from people who aren’t sure whether to believe Trump actually has covid. ‘He lies so much,’ one friend just texted. ‘Is he just doing this to get out of the debates?’ others are texting,” Reid tweeted.

Though, Reid did express concern — for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

She tweeted, “Another important question: did Trump and his party expose Joe and Jill Biden to covid at Case Western University on Tuesday?”

Reid wasn’t the only member of the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd to go down the path of essentially calling the president a liar.

Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL player Reggie Bush questioned the timing of the announcement in a tweet that proved that athletes with a limited grasp on the real world should stick to dribbling… or in his case, running with a ball.

Referring to the president as “Teflon Don,” he too referenced the debate — it’s almost like the left watched a different debate to think Trump would not want another crack at Joe Biden.

Not surprisingly, Reid’s followers were easily swayed to think the same way.

On the other hand, a common theme among more rational folks was to question Reid’s state of mind.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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