Police bodycam video from Breonna Taylor shooting allegedly shows intense moments of officer wounded

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Newly released bodycam footage purportedly from a Louisville police officer involved in the execution of a search warrant that resulted in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor and the wounding of a fellow officer shows tense moments following both incidents.

The footage allegedly shows officers carrying Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, who was shot in the leg by Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, outside where they provide him with medical attention for a wound that struck him in a femoral artery and required surgery to repair.

“This is the raw video of Louisville officer Sgt. John Mattingly shortly after Kenneth Walker shot him.  They called him a ‘murderer,’ when all he did was defend himself,” attorney Todd McMurtry noted in a Twitter post containing the video.

McMurtry told Fox News he obtained the footage from Mattingly.

“Put him on the trunk! Put him on the trunk!” one voice can be heard saying in the video, as other officers assist Mattingly and sirens are heard in the background.

In another statement to the news outlet, McMurtry noted he represents “John in his affirmative claims against people who slandered him by calling him a ‘murderer.’”

In the video, officers can also be heard saying “grab under his arms” and “cover him, let’s go” as they move the wounded officer. “Go a little faster,” one then says.

Taylor was killed during the raid March 13. Mattingly has been on administrative leave, along with another officer involved in the raid, Myles Cosgrove, since. During a virtual briefing on Thursday, Police Chief Robert Schroeder did not say when Mattingly would be coming back to work.


During a press conference Wednesday, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron noted that one of the officers involved, since-fired Sgt. Brett Hankison, was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment because he fired shots during the exchange that went into a neighboring apartment. But he said the grand jury did not charge Mattingly or Cosgrove because the evidence, along with an eyewitness account, did not support them, though many were pushing for murder charges.

Despite prior media reports claiming otherwise, the AG said the raid was not a “no-knock” entry. He said officers not only banged on the door to Taylor’s apartment but the also announced that they were police officers, accounts he said were backed up by a witness.

“The decision before my office as a special prosecutor in this case, was not to decide the loss of Miss Taylor’s life was a tragedy. The answer to that question is unequivocally yes,” the AG said. “There is no doubt that this is a gut-wrenching, emotional case, and the pain that many people are feeling is understandable.”

“My role as the special prosecutor, in this case, is to set aside everything in pursuit of the truth. My job is to present the facts to the grand jury, and the grand jury then applies those facts to the law. If we simply act on emotion or outrage, there is no justice. Mob justice is not justice. Justice sought by violence is not justice — it just becomes revenge. And in our system, criminal justice isn’t the quest for revenge.”

Separately, a lawyer for Taylor’s family on Friday demanded that Cameron release transcripts of the grand jury’s proceedings while suggesting the AG was being dishonest.

“Tamika Palmer and her entire family… is heartbroken, devastated, and outraged, confused and bewildered just like all of us as to what the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron present to the grand jury,” attorney Benjamin Crump said. “Did he present any evidence on Breonna Taylor’s behalf or did he make a unilateral decision to put his thumb on the scales of justice to help try to exonerate and justify the killing of Breonna Taylor by these police officers and in doing so, make sure that Breonna Taylor’s family never got their day in court, never got their chance for due process and in essence, denied them justice?

“There seems to be two justice systems in America – one for Black America and one for White America. And this has been emphasized by this grand jury proceeding into the killing of Breonna Taylor,” Crump added, though Cameron is Kentucky’s first black attorney general.

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