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Car barely escapes raging mob attack in LA, but the driver is the one detained by police

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Dramatic footage captured a driver in Los Angeles making his way through a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who took control of the street, only to be attacked by the raging mob.

The driver did not appear to hit any protesters and was fortunate to escape the raging mob, but he was later taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department.


After the white Prius made its way through the crowd — the driver didn’t appear to be in a hurry, though he may have been trying to obey the speed limit — a pickup truck driven by someone with the protesters took pursuit and managed to stop the vehicle.

The mob violently attacked the Prius and tried to pull the driver out, but he managed to eventually leave the scene.

Footage of the dramatic scene was shared online by ABC News:

The motorist is later seen being taken into custody.

While ABC edited it out, he was the subject of a felony traffic stop, where a suspect is instructed to put his hands above his head and walk backward to officers.

The full LAPD stop is seen at the end of footage shared by Robby Starbuck:

The LAPD released a statement saying an investigation “is continuing,” though the department did not identify the driver or say he was arrested on any charges.

The statement said that while there were “no injuries” in the incident, it detailed an earlier incident where a blue pickup truck maneuvered through the crowd and struck a protester, who was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The earlier incident involving the blue pickup was captured on camera and is seen below.

*Caution: Disturbing Content

The LAPD statement did not say why the Black Lives Matter mob was permitted to commandeer a city street.

Had the mob been successful in pulling the driver out of the vehicle, it’s not out of the question to think he may have been beaten to death in the street.

This is Los Angeles, after all, where truck driver Reginald Denny was beaten within an inch of his life during the 1992 riots as his attackers celebrated the vicious assault.

Being confronted in your vehicle by a raging mob is a very real possibility in post-Obama America, and actor James Woods posted an online poll on the issue.

“If violent rioters attack you[r] car with your family aboard, which would you do?” the outspoken conservative actor asked.

With 57,698 responses in as of this writing, a whopping 95.7% of respondents said they would hit the gas.

Of course, that’s an easy decision to make when sitting safely behind a keyboard.

However, for those who don’t exercise their Second Amendment rights, hitting the gas may be the only alternative to leaving their fate, and possibly the fate of their family, in the hands of a violent mob.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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