‘Say f**king Black Lives Matter right now!’ BLM allegiance not optional say Portland road-blockers

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Anarchists and violent revolutionaries that control the streets in Portland are often propped up by the liberal media as being anti-fascist, but the more the country sees Antifa in action, the more it becomes clear who the fascists are.

It’s remarkable that after well over 100 days of lawlessness, mayhem is still the order of the day. The alleged racial injustice protests are supposedly in support of the Black Lives Matter political movement — and in some precincts in America, allegiance to the far-left movement is no longer optional.

A recent example of this was seen in Portland, as conservative journalist, Andy Ngo shared in a tweet.

“BLM-antifa in Portland took over the street outside the central police precinct after smashing up businesses,” Ngo tweeted Sunday. “They’ve blocked the road for hours. They make the passenger of this car give the black power salute & chant, “Black Lives Matter.”

Two white men are seen in a black pickup being harassed by Antifa/BLM militants, who are forcing a man in the passenger seat to hold up his fist and recite “Black Lives Matter.”

The man complied with the raised fist but is slow to repeat the phrase.

“Put your fist up and you’ve got to say Black Lives Matter,” a thug is heard saying off-camera.

“Say Black Lives Matter, homey,” another hero is heard saying, as the man hesitated. “Say f*cking Black Lives Matter right now!”

As Ian Miles Chong accurately characterized the scenario: “Put your fist up and say Black Lives Matter, or else.”

The man finally relented and obeyed the fascist protesters, but what’s he to do when there are two against who knows how many militant activists — though many of the wannabe thugs appear to be pencil-armed white rich kids looking for a thrill.

On the other hand, an Antifa militant just assassinated a conservative in Portland for no other reason that him being a Trump supporter.

Turns out, the man’s obedience must not have satiated the left-wing mob. Ngo shared an addition video of the truck later being all smashed up.

Meanwhile, the city’s Democratic mayor, Ted Wheeler, was encouraging folks to dim or turn off their lights because “light pollution can be harmful to humans, plants and other animals.”

The Black Lives Matter movement appears to have settled on two basic tactics: one being to harass white people, and the other shutting down traffic in Democrat-run cities.

The country has seen this play out in Washington, DC, New York City, Philadelphia, Rochester, and Pittsburgh, just to name a few.

As CNN host Chris Cuomo declared in a recent segment with colleague Don Lemon, “scaring white people works.”

And the endeavor continues unabated:

The incident prompted an interesting exchange of ideas and thoughts about how people would react.

Here’s a sampling of responses fromTwitter:

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