LA deputy hero mom tended to partners wounds; fmr librarian, she graduated police academy last year

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The two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies ruthlessly ambushed Saturday had just graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy last year, and the female deputy, the mother of a six-year-old boy, was a former librarian.

Identified as Deputy Claudia Apolinar, the young mother was shot in the jaw and her upper torso, but that didn’t stop her from assisting her partner, who was shot several times.

Despite her own wounds, Apolinar heroically went to the aid of her partner, who was reportedly shot in the forehead, arms and a hand, and very likely saved his life.

Fox Los Angeles reporter Bill Melugin shared a heart-wrenching photo of a bloody Deputy Apolinar calling for help — shared with the permission of the family. In the photo, the 24-year-old male deputy is seen kneeling behind a column.

“I’m told female deputy was shot through jaw, still radioed for help [and] applied [a] tourniquet to male deputy’s wounds,” Melugin tweeted.

Deputy Apolinar’s father, Claudia Apolinar, told the Daily Mail that his daughter was in stable condition as he held a bedside vigil for her in hospital.

‘I’m here with her right now,’ he said, as the family holds a bedside vigil for her.

In a reflection of the sad state of affairs in America today, the father also confirmed an LA Sheriff’s Department deputy was standing guard outside the hospital room.

Here is a video of Apolinar’s graduation ceremony from last year:

The shooter, believed to be a black male between the ages of 28 to 30, is still at large and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors authorized a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the coward.

The gunman was seen running to a black four-door sedan and speeding away after the ambush.

Both deputies are in stable condition and are expected to survive the assassination attempt, according to lead investigating officer Lt. Brandon Dean.

“By the grace of God they’re both going to pull through,” Dean told the Daily Mail. “They’re obviously pretty injured and it’s going to be life-altering but they’re in stable condition.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department lieutenant praised the deputies’ “will to survive, their will to protect each other and their will to protect the public,” according to the British tabloid.

“They didn’t give up, they didn’t cower down,’ Dean said. ‘They got out and took care of each other, took cover, made sure it wasn’t an active shooter situation. You’ve got to praise them for their courage and ability to fight for their lives and everybody else’s lives.”

“It’s an extreme situation. She was shot in the face, shot in the upper torso several times,” he added. “To have the wherewithal to get yourself out of the vehicle and the line of fire in case it continues, but then to take care of your partner, initiate radio traffic make sure the civilians in the area are safe, it shows a lot about her courage and intestinal fortitude.”

Fox News reporter William la Jeunesse reported Monday that the ambush may have been “retaliation.”

“Los Angeles police will not say this publicly — but some believe this ambush was retaliation for some recent police shootings of black suspects in LA,” Jeunesse said, according to the Daily Mail.

In what amounts to one of the most despicable acts in recent memory, Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at the hospital where the deputies were being treated, and as the officers fought for their lives.

The militant protesters tried to enter the ER, as they stood outside and chanted, “We hope they die!”

Just as loathsome was an Instagram post from Lynwood City Manager Jose Ometeotl labeled “Chickens come home to roost,” which featured an image of Malcolm X.

“The fact that someone randomly opened fire on deputies is to be expected in the society we live in today,” Ometeotl’s caption stated — he has since made his account private.

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