CNBC’s Jim Cramer can’t backtrack fast enough after calling Pelosi ‘Crazy Nancy’ to her face on live TV

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The look on her face!!!

In a daring, albeit failed attempt at being clever, CNBC host Jim Cramer called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” to her face. On live TV.

A million emotions raced across the 80-year-old Democrats face as Pelosi tried to not only comprehend what she just heard, but quickly formulate an acceptable response to safe face.

And the flash of anger was undeniable.

Cramer quickly pointed out that the nickname was what President Trump has used to refer to Pelosi, insisting that he had too much reverence for the office to ever use it himself.

“But you just did!” Pelosi shot back, feigning laughter. “You just did.”

Given the stress in America the past six months due to the coronavirus pandemic gifted to the world by China — much of it brought about by Pelosi stalling one effort after another to help the American people for political purposes —  there may be no better remedy than watching her reaction in the clip.

Perhaps understanding the ramifications of his actions, which is that he may be the next “cancel” target on the left, or wanting to assure that he didn’t ruin a chance for future appearance by the powerful Democrat, Cramer was quick to backtrack.

He tried to assure Pelosi “it’s a travesty to ever call” her that name considering her “whole life in public service.”

In closing out the interview, Cramer groveled even further.

“You know I was being facetious when I used the term involving you,” he said. “I respect you. Anyone who gives their life to public service and is Speaker of the House should not be called that name. I don’t even want to use it again.”

Pelosi told the CNBC host not to “worry about that,” telling him to “let that be your biggest problem of the day.”

But then, Pelosi had yet to see the reaction online.

Cramer certainly did.

As for the reaction to the hilarious clip, here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:

The Pelosi Brigade did show up in force, calling for Cramer to be fired:

Naturally, the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd weighed in to put the blame on President Trump!


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