Maskless woman hops on KFC counter, demands food in total meltdown after she was refused service

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An out of control woman at a Fresno, Calif., Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was really hungry, it seems.

The only trouble was, the young lady, who was quickly tagged “Dora the Explorer” on social media because of the backpack, wasn’t wearing a face mask and the employees refused to serve her.

Also tagged an “anti-masker,” the woman’s response was to ramp up the aggression big league, jumping up on the counter and screaming at the employees in the store.

“Gimme something to f*cking eat! I’m hungry!” she screamed.

“Mashed potatoes and chicken,” she demanded. “Mashed potatoes and chicken!”

One of the poor workers being subjected to the temper tantrum told the woman that he would get fired if he served her and she replied, “You don’t even work here!”

When it was clear she wasn’t going to get her way, the woman began kicking things off the counter.

The employee told her to get down and explained he could not serve her if she wasn’t wearing a mask.

After careful consideration, the hungry woman retorted, “F*ck you! F*ck you!”

When she got down from the counter and began storming toward the exit, one of the diners in the restaurant tells the woman that he has an extra mask in the car.

But she declined, saying she didn’t “need any of this sh*t,” telling the man it was “all f*cking disgusting.”

While some attribute the woman’s actions to the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, which may have some merit, others counter to insist it’s the end product of the left’s nearly four month campaign of challenging authority in America.

Speaking of, those arguments collided in a recent incident that played out on a Spirit Airlines flight, with a self-described black “queen” snapped, engaging in a rant about white privilege, coronavirus, and God.

More likely, as a social media user noted, with California’s huge homeless population and rampant drug addiction, the woman was probably dealing with something other than resistance to wearing a mask:

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the story from Twitter, with drugs being a common theme:

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